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I asked for a bow-tie and a cane for my 27th birthday, and got neither.

I wanna start a black market for red paint balls.

How many people are there in persistent vegetative state?

What came first, the node or the link?

Did God create the same amount of light and dark? (Probably not. At least, not at the same time.)

Who is "the man" with the "invisible hand" anyway? Do "they" know?

Ideological extremes are equivalent in practice.

Verbs go both ways and tell you what to do with them.

It's not that I dropped out of Harvard. I never even went to Harvard.

And if it feels good, feel it.

My name in Second Life is Sequoia Hax.

My username is an un-pronounceable combination of my name in Second Life and my name in real life.

My name in real life, well, you can easily figure it out...