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Ongoing projects: WikiVocabSwadesh lists

Stevey7788, a dedicated Wiktionarian, is currently in the process of creating as many new Swadesh lists as possible. Other jobs I do around Wiktionary are:

  • Creating Swadesh lists for various languages and language families
  • Adding synonyms to Wiktionary
  • Adding English and Spanish definitions
  • Cleaning up entries not following correct entry layout

For me, working with words is never dull. Overall, I've had quite a great experience here on Wiktionary.

Personal user pages[edit]

Swadesh lists[edit]

Swadesh lists I've created:

Language families

  1. Altaic languages
  2. Tibeto-Burman languages
  3. Austro-Asiatic languages
  4. Tai-Kadai languages
  5. Dené-Yeniseian languages — Ket, Tlingit, Navajo
  6. Algonquian languagesOjibwe, Lenape, Mohawk, Cherokee, Nottoway
  7. Siouan languages — Lakota, Dakota dialects, Osage, Crow, Tutelo, Pawnee
  8. Yuman languages — Ipai, Kiliwa, Cocopa
  9. Uto-Aztecan languages — Nahuatl, Yaqui, Hopi, Shoshone, O'odham, Cahuilla, Tongva
  10. Oto-Manguean languages — Otomi, Mixtec, Zapotec, Mazahua, Totonac, Popoluca, Huave, Chontal
  11. Mayan languages — K'iche', Q'eqchi', Tzotzil
  12. Formosan
  1. Niger-Congo languages — Yoruba, Igbo, Mandinka, Wolof
  2. Paleosiberian languages
  3. Australian languages

Comparative vocabulary lists of Southeast Asian languages

  1. Appendix:Hmong-Mien comparative vocabulary list
  2. Appendix:Pa-Hng comparative vocabulary list
  3. Appendix:Hunan Kam-Sui languages comparative vocabulary list
  4. Appendix:Macro-Bai comparative vocabulary list

Individual languages

  1. Korean
  2. Khmer
  3. Thai
  4. White Hmong
  5. Purepecha
  6. Mantauran Rukai
  1. Ojibwe
  2. Burushaski

Major expansions

  1. Appendix:Swadesh lists
  2. Araucanian
  3. Austronesian languages

Other lists

  1. Appendix:Affixes in Formosan languages
  2. Appendix:Proto-Austronesian monosyllabic roots
  3. Appendix:Tagalog *kali/qali words
  4. Appendix:Turkish monosyllabic words
  5. Appendix:Stable roots in Sino-Tibetan
  6. Appendix:Proto-Mixtec roots

Templates I've made

  1. Template:Swadesh list templates
  2. Template:langlist

Other pages[edit]