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Each major component of an entry has a corresponding type of category.

Based on language[edit]

Well, duh.

Based on etymology[edit]

In principle, all lemmas should be in an etymology category of some kind, even if it is only on the basis of their etymology being unknown. These may be supplied either by an etymology template, or at the end of the language section.

Based on pronunciation[edit]


Based on syntactic properties[edit]

These may extend beyond the limited set of terms permitted in POS headers, to inclue "prepositional phrases," "idioms," etc.

Based on contextual/usage characteristics[edit]

These categories may be based either on pragmatic characteristics (vulgar, pejorative), or on the field or genre in which they are used (sci-fi novels, patents, biochemical literature). They are typically assigned at the beginning of the relevant sense, either by {{context}} or a related template.

  • Proposed taxonomy: In general, all such categories should be children of Category:Lexicons.
  • Proposed naming convention: "[Language name] [domain] terms."

Based on semantic relationships[edit]

These are based on the actual meaning(s) defined in the entry. Categories based on semantic affiliation are bound to part of speech; any entry which is properly placed in Category:Animals is also a noun. Where possible, semantic categories should be children of a fundamental category

Based on need for janitorial assistance[edit]

These are generally assigned by a cleanup template.