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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-07 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. bombmaking
  2. commerical
    • 2009 September 9, Zoe Wood, “Kraft's £10bn bid to gobble up Cadbury”, Guardian:
      Cadbury's reputation for memorable advertising broke new ground with the release of an award-winning TV commerical for Dairy Milk featuring a drumming gorilla.
  3. controlee
  4. controlees
    • 2009 September 8, Afua Hirsch, “Bring these men to trial – or revoke their control orders”, Guardian:
      In contrast, despite the "serious threat" allegedly posed by controlees such as AF, the government says it is more important to withhold the material against him than to protect the public from the risk he allegedly poses.
  5. jubilatory
    • 2009 September 7, Guy Dammann, “Prom 68 - Messiah”, Guardian:
      There has been some debate of late as to whether audiences should stand for the Hallelujah chorus in honour of a national tradition supposedly begun by George II. Certainly, those among the Proms audience who weren't already on their feet jumped to them when the familiar jubilatory strains rose from the orchestra.
  6. obsure
    • 2009 September 7, “Chris Evans: a career in clips”, Guardian:
      And a personal favourite, although slightly obsure this one, the time Evans nearly took his own hand off lighting a blow torch in the company of Jon Bon Jovi .
  7. paydown
  8. todayhave