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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-09-28 issue of The Guardian.

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  1. afrobeat
    • 2009 September 28, Maddy Costa, “Bombay Bicycle Club”, Guardian:
      As the recent single Always Like This becomes an afrobeat stomper, massed crowd-surfing erupts, and someone hands the band a shoe.
  2. foundrymen
  3. spivvery
  4. supertax
    • 2009 September 28, Ashley Seager, “MPs should be sharpening taxes as well as axes”, Guardian:
      Vince Cable's proposal of a "supertax" on houses worth more than £1m makes a great deal of sense, although a rate of 0.5% on any value over £1m should not really have attracted the term "super".
  5. uneasier
    • 2009 September 28, Jonathan Jones, “Gustav Metzger: the liquid crystal revolutionary”, Guardian:
      A poster calling for an end to flights to international art biennales will be one of the uneasier works for the cognoscenti to view; this really is biting the hand that feeds him.
  6. vikings
    • 2009 September 28, Simon Bowers, “Iceland one year on: small island in big trouble”, Guardian:
      Hreinsson says his report will address the big three banks' perilous exposure to a few companies and individuals – many of whom enjoyed an international reputation in recent years as Iceland's "business vikings", expanding aggressively overseas.


  1. emtionalism
    • 2009 September 28, Denis MacShane, “German lessons for Labour”, Guardian:
      The social protectionism of the SPD, the appeal to statist syndicalism of Die Linke and the anti-science emtionalism of the Greens were rejected even if together with the racist right their combined vote was 50%.
  2. futher
  3. haveannounced
  4. ising
    • 2009 September 28, Simon Bowers, “Iceland rebels oppose repayment of £2.3bn owed to Britain”, Guardian:
      Iceland's finance minister Steingrimur Sigfusson, also from the Left-Green party, insisted discussions with British officials are now about final- ising details, though he confirmed the expiry date remained a potential sticking point.
  5. misterleeds
    • 2009 September 28, “A myth in the wild”, Guardian:
      Well, here's an example which may make clearer what I meant, from the generally abusive comments on Richard Chartres' sermon: misterleeds writes
  6. pendence
    • 2009 September 28, Simon Bowers, “Iceland rebels oppose repayment of £2.3bn owed to Britain”, Guardian:
      In the midst of the banking crash a year ago, the Iceland's central bank governor David Oddsson – a former prime minister and key figure in the Inde- pendence Party – delivered a television address insisting Iceland could not, and would not, pick up the bill for its failing banks.
  7. unprecendented
    • 2009 September 28, “A myth in the wild”, Guardian:
      Should the comments here by some unprecendented mischance descend into wrangling about whether atheism or belief is better, this will be further illustration of the way that people cannot climb out of their own myths or metanarratives, no matter how easy it is for us all to climb out of other people's.