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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-12 issue of the Herald Sun (2009-02-13).

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62121 tokens ‧ 40525 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 5588 types ‧ 46 (~ 0.823%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. aero *
  2. antechinus
    • 2009 February 12, Daniel Fogarty, “Wildlife toll may top a million after Victoria bushfires”, Herald Sun:
      "We are not just talking the animals we are familiar with, there are gliders and all sorts of possums, antechinus (a mouse-like marsupial), bandicoots, birds -- there is so much wildlife.
  3. antivenene
  4. baitfish
  5. bonbonniere
  6. bubs
  7. buzzworthy
    • 2009 February 12, “Club land”, Herald Sun:
      The most buzzworthy has to be Glasgow's Optimo, an underground Glimmers, for what should be a sell-out at the Toff, while the following night obscure UK disco stalwart Felix Dickinson plays the club.
  8. clubrooms
    • 2009 February 12, Russell Gould, “Late start hinders Melbourne Storm”, Herald Sun:
      MELBOURNE Storm coach Craig Bellamy concedes his players are behind the eight-ball after the clubrooms resembled a hospital recovery ward over summer.
  9. cnr
  10. coronial
    • 2009 February 12, John Ferguson, “Birthplace of a monster”, Herald Sun:
      She is expected to be a coronial witness and possibly appear before the royal commission. "
  11. doorknock
  12. fireys
  13. foodstores
  14. hypermodern
    • 2009 February 12, From correspondants in Beijing, “Twelve held after TV complex blaze”, Herald Sun:
      TWELVE people have been detained in connection with a huge blaze caused by unlicensed fireworks that partly destroyed Beijing's hypermodern state television and hotel complex.
  15. moodsters
    • 2009 February 12, “>> Rock, Pop and Roots”, Herald Sun:
      SUBAUDIBLE HUM Underrated moodsters preview their third album.
  16. nonfunctioning
    • 2009 February 12, By staff writers, “First collision of working satellites”, Herald Sun:
      The collision involved an Iridium commercial satellite, which was launched in 1997, and a Russian satellite launched in 1993 and believed to be nonfunctioning.
  17. paddleboat
    • 2009 February 12, “Weir gate fault drains city lake”, Herald Sun:
      It also caused major problems for businesses which relied on the lake and river, including the city's paddleboat operator and the river cruise company.
  18. phonewise
  19. pollies
    • 2009 February 12, “Pollies more trusted than business chiefs”, Herald Sun:
      A new survey has found that 56 per cent of upper-income, highly-educated Australians put a greater trust in their pollies than the 43 per cent who preferred business.
  20. pranky
  21. sandbelt
    • 2009 February 12, Mark Hayes, “Karrie Webb's fine line”, Herald Sun:
      French and European No.1 Gwladys Nocera said the classical sandbelt layout suited her, but still fancied Webb as her main danger. "
  22. smokey
  23. sombrely
  24. streakiness
    • 2009 February 12, Michael Horan, “No classic, but Andrew Symonds' knock vital”, Herald Sun:
      But the man his teammates affectionately call "Roy" survived for 40 balls and was equal top-scorer with 39 in a typical innings that mixed streakiness with great natural flair.
  25. superbike
  26. thrashery
  27. tradie
  28. tradies
    • 2009 February 12, Stephen McMahon and Ben Packham, “The rebuilding work begins after Victorian bushfires”, Herald Sun:
      AN army of tradies and engineers will flood into Victoria's fire-ravaged communities in coming months as part of the government's promise to rebuild every single town "brick by brick".
  29. undialable
    • 2009 February 12, “Victoria bushfire missing - search on our message board”, Herald Sun:
      I am from the UK and unfortunately the help and info lines are undialable from this country so I have no way of finding out if my uncle, aunt and cousin are still alive or where they might be.
  30. unfranked
    • 2009 February 12, Olga Galacho, “Ansell expects to lose its bounce”, Herald Sun:
      Robust trading in the early part of the first half has allowed Ansell to declare a 9 per cent increase in the interim dividend to an unfranked A12 a share.
  31. vapourising
    • 2009 February 12, John Ferguson, “Birthplace of a monster”, Herald Sun:
      A southwesterly then sheeted it right across to Kinglake and Marysville, vapourising humans and homes in its path.


  1. pokery