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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-14 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-15).

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  1. flyscreen
  2. glovework
  3. gunbattles
    • 2009 February 14, From correspondents in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, “Army kills hitmen in desert shootout”, Herald Sun:
      The violence followed fierce gunbattles on Tuesday in the same area, near the town of Villa Ahumada, where drug gangs abducted local police and shot six people, triggering an army raid that left 14 dead.
  4. irrigator
  5. loungeroom
    • 2009 February 14, Anthony Dowsley, “Ex-cop charged with Hodson murder”, Herald Sun:
      Mr Hodson and his wife Christine were executed in the loungeroom of their Kew home on May 15 or 16, 2004.
  6. sawmilling
    • 2009 February 14, Patrick Carlyon, “Where the hell is everyone?”, Herald Sun:
      Once a sawmilling town that was a gateway to forests of mountain ash and waterfalls, it has also come to embrace tourist lurks, such as arts and crafts.
  7. schmozzle
  8. stormwater
    • 2009 February 14, By Matthew Franklin, “Rudd to fast-track stimulus splurge”, Herald Sun:
      Under the deal, the Government will spend $500m for water licence buybacks, $200m in funding for local governments for re-engineering works and $200 million for stormwater recycling.
  9. straightish
  10. tradies
    • 2009 February 14, Cheryl Critchley, “Extraordinary bushfire tales of ordinary heroes”, Herald Sun:
      The reluctant heroes, both tradies, have since spent 12-hour days on the mountain clearing roads on their excavators and doing what they can to help.
  11. whitegoods
    • 2009 February 14, “Flood area the size of SA under water”, Herald Sun:
      Her story is familiar to the 12,000 flood-weary residents in the Ingham district where rotting piles of couches, whitegoods and clothing line the streets.


  1. breh
  2. piff