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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-24 issue of the Herald Sun (2009-02-25).

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  1. blowhorn
    • 2009 February 24, Matthew Johnston, “Bible bid to stop porn addiction at Sexpo”, Herald Sun:
      "We could stand outside with a blowhorn and say you are all sinners but the reality is that doesn't work," Mr Davies said.
  2. destocking
  3. disendorsed
    • 2009 February 24, Steve Gray, “Pauline Hanson to stand in Queensland election”, Herald Sun:
      The 54-year-old former Ipswich fish and chip shop owner came to fame in 1996 when she was disendorsed by the Liberal Party for advocating the abolition of welfare for Aborigines but went on to win the federal seat of Oxley and sit as an independent.
  4. doberman
  5. doorknocking
    • 2009 February 24, Ashley Gardiner and Ben Packham, “Police and fire authorities fail to trigger fire alert”, Herald Sun:
      "Telephone-based emergency warning systems are only a supplement to, and not a replacement for, the range of measures currently used to warn the public of emergencies, such as TV and radio, public address systems, doorknocking, sirens, signs and the internet," he said.
  6. methylamphetamine
    • 2009 February 24, “Sophie sister drug charges”, Herald Sun:
      Catherine was arrested by Sydney police last July and has been charged with 14 offences, including supplying the drugs methylamphetamine, ketamine and GHB.
  7. ovenright
    • 2009 February 24, From correspondents in London, “Guantanamo detainee back in Britain”, Herald Sun:
      BINYAM Mohamed, an Ethiopian-born former British resident, returned to Britain from the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay ovenright, alleging he had been "tortured in medieval ways".
  8. racecaller
    • 2009 February 24, Adrian Dunn, “Club races to help McGrath fund”, Herald Sun:
      The retired racecaller decided, through his racing contacts, to help the continuing campaign led by McGrath's husband, Test cricket great Glenn.
  9. seamers
  10. showbag
    • 2009 February 24, Adrian Dunn, “Club races to help McGrath fund”, Herald Sun:
      Membership cost is $95 a year or $250 up front, with each member receiving a New Star Racing Club showbag.
  11. targetted
  12. unitholders
    • 2009 February 24, Tony Grant-Taylor, “BrisConnections shareholder Nicholas Colton cashes in”, Herald Sun:
      BrisConnections, by contrast, has vowed to vigorously resist the winding-up attempt - and warned unitholders that a winding-up would still leave them legally liable for the $1 due in April and the second $1 instalment in January next year.


  1. myki *
    • 2009 February 24, Geraldine Mitchell, “Myki on slow roll to public”, Herald Sun:
      Labor fears a public backlash if myki is rolled out all at once," he said.