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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-02-24 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-01).

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  1. anticompetitive
  2. antimaterialism
    • 2007 February 24, M. P. Dunleavey, “Cutting Back Without Deprivation”, New York Times:
      The main difference between the Compact and other organizations with an antimaterialism bent, like Voluntary Simplicity, he said, is that the aim of the Compact is not just to scale back financially but to reduce the environmental toll of the American consumer lifestyle.
  3. antisatellite
    • 2007 February 24, Reuters, “Cheney Wary of China’s Military and North Korea’s Credibility”, New York Times:
      But Mr. Cheney raised concerns over China’s military buildup: “Last month’s antisatellite tests, China’s continued fast-paced military buildup, are less constructive and are not consistent with China’s stated goal of a ‘peaceful rise.’ ”
  4. carpetbagging
  5. chargings
    • 2007 February 24, Matthew L. Wald, “President Promotes Alternative Energy With a Car Show of Sorts”, New York Times:
      Ric Fulop, vice president of A123 Systems of Watertown, Mass., which modified the car, said a battery that would power it for about 40 miles between overnight chargings cost $10,000 and would last through 7,000 cycles of charging and discharging — “more than the life of the vehicle.”
  6. cholla
    • 2007 February 24, Damon Hack, “Woods Meets His Match as Winning Streak Ends”, New York Times:
      Woods decided to leave his ball stranded in the desert, where a marshal walked over and tried to pick it up, only to come away with the spines of a jumping cholla plant stuck to his hand.
  7. doggery
    • 2007 February 24, Dan Mitchell, “Sharing the Wealth at MTV”, New York Times:
      But Hot Doug’s isn’t quite the standard under-the-el-tracks Chicago doggery ( ).
  8. empathizer
    • 2007 February 24, “Tuning In to One Company”, New York Times:
      Unless they want to pay for both services, subscribers are currently missing out on exclusive shows: Mr. Stern can be heard only on Sirius, and the nation’s empathizer in chief, Oprah Winfrey, only on XM. Sports fans who want football and baseball have to pay for both services.
  9. greenside
  10. impersonality
    • 2007 February 24, Roberta Smith, “Eyes Wide Open, With Stories to Tell”, New York Times:
      Moreover, they combine the stillness and artifice of painting with the light and heat of film; the awkward immediacy of theater with the slick impersonality of advertising.
  11. incent
  12. judgeships
    • 2007 February 24, Anemona Hartocollis, “Former Democratic Leader in Brooklyn Is Convicted”, New York Times:
      To Mr. Hynes, the defendant was the personification of a corrupt system in which judgeships were for sale, although so far no one has been charged with such a crime. Mr. Norman’s lawyers, Anthony Ricco and Edward Wilford, portrayed him as almost a folk hero, one of the state’s most powerful black politicians, a master political strategist and civil rights leader who used his influence to build coalitions between white candidates and the black voters they needed to win election.
  13. llamalike
    • 2007 February 24, Neil Genzlinger, “Where the Flamingos Dance a Shuffle”, New York Times:
      The eat-or-be-eaten dynamic is, of course, as it has always been in these nature programs, but the camera here has an exquisite eye, whether focused on miniature deer, various llamalike animals, fish or — he said grudgingly — penguins.
  14. makeable
  15. megadevelopment
    • 2007 February 24, The Associated Press, “Judge Urges Dismissal of Atlantic Yards Suit”, New York Times:
      Atlantic Yards is a $4 billion megadevelopment of 16 skyscrapers and an arena planned by Mr. Ratner, the principal owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team.
  16. messmor
    • 2007 February 24, Nathaniel Vinton, “When Arctic Char Are Biting, It Takes a Close Eye to Notice”, New York Times:
      After filleting them, I followed the recipe for “char in the Jamtlandic way,” which involves frying the fish in butter, then adding dill, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of messmor — the equivalent of whey butter.
  17. midphrase
  18. multipronged
    • 2007 February 24, David E. Sanger, “Leaving the Options Open With Iran”, New York Times:
      Nicholas Burns, the under secretary of state for policy and the lead negotiator on Iran, said Thursday that the multipronged approach was showing an effect.
  19. nonreaders
  20. nonreading
  21. pokerfaced
    • 2007 February 24, Claudia La Rocco, “A Triangle Most Irregular”, New York Times:
      And through it all are these pokerfaced women, working through tightly circumscribed movement sequences. Ms. Ruszkowski, when not occupied staring the audience down, lashes out an arm or sinks slowly to the floor, where she scrapes her fingers on its surface and rises to pick at her nails. Ms. O’Con walks from one side of the triangle to another, curling up her toes and closing her eyes. Ms. Parshina devolves into one writhing collection of tics, scratching at her thigh, crying out and rubbing her cheek into her shoulder.
  22. superhumans
    • 2007 February 24, Virginia Heffernan, “The D-Day Heroes Who Weren’t White”, New York Times:
      He even complains as those superhumans do: levelly, economically, without anger or sadness.
  23. touchscreen
    • 2007 February 24, Christopher Drew, “Panel Cites Voter Error, Not Software, in Loss of Votes”, New York Times:
      Ms. Ward-Jenkins and more than 100 other voters contacted The Sarasota Herald-Tribune shortly after the election to complain that even though an “X” appeared on the touchscreen when they pressed the box for Ms. Jennings, their votes had disappeared by the time they got to a final screen for reviewing their choices. Ms. Ward-Jenkins and most of the others said they had to go through the process at least one more time to make their votes stick, raising concerns in the Jennings camp that other voters might have failed to notice similar problems that voided their ballots.
  24. unbuttered
  25. unexercised
    • 2007 February 24, Vikas Bajaj, “New Inquiry on Options at KB Home”, New York Times:
      In addition, the two sides have not decided if Mr. Karatz will be allowed to keep unexercised stock options and past restricted-stock grants.
  26. untraditional
    • 2007 February 24, Roberta Smith, “Eyes Wide Open, With Stories to Tell”, New York Times:
      He is one of the most staunchly traditional of the untraditional artists to emerge from the turmoil of the 1970s, when art was pulled apart by the political ambition and visual privations of Conceptual Art. He is also one of the best.