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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-05 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. antiloitering
    • 2007 March 5, Jennifer Medina, “New Haven Welcomes a Booming Population of Immigrants, Legal or Not”, New York Times:
      Saying that illegal immigrants were hurting Long Island’s economy and quality of life, Steve Levy , the Suffolk County executive, called for antiloitering legislation to clear day laborers off the streets; vowed to enforce a county law penalizing businesses for hiring illegal immigrants; and welcomed federal immigration officials into the local jail to speed deportation of those who are arrested.
  2. antinarcotics
    • 2007 March 5, James C. Mckinley Jr., “In Guatemala, Officers’ Killings Echo Dirty War”, New York Times:
      Since 1993, the United States has twice helped set up special antinarcotics forces here, only to watch their commanders become embroiled in the drug trade themselves.
  3. antiplatelet
    • 2007 March 5, “Tailor Pain Relief to the Patient (1 Letter)”, New York Times:
      For a patient with ulcers, gastritis or a tendency to hemorrhage, acetaminophen or a cox-2 inhibitor would be preferable because those drugs are easier on the gastrointestinal tract than many other analgesics and have no antiplatelet effects.
  4. antisatellite
    • 2007 March 5, Jim Yardley, “Beijing Accelerates Its Military Spending”, New York Times:
      In January, China set off fears of an arms race in space when it successfully tested an antisatellite missile that destroyed one its own aging weather satellites.
  5. blouson
  6. comebacker
  7. creaturely
  8. gourmandise
    • 2007 March 5, Christa Weil, “We Eat Horses, Don’t We?”, New York Times:
      France’s later adoption of horse as a plat du jour stemmed not from callous gourmandise, but from pragmatism.
  9. janjaweed
    • 2007 March 5, “Taking Genocide to Court”, New York Times:
      The first two suspects sought for trial are Ahmad Harun, formerly Sudan’s minister in charge of Darfur security, and Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman, a janjaweed militia commander. Mr. Harun is accused of inciting, financing and arming militia fighters to conduct genocidal attacks. Mr. Rahman is charged with directing one such attack that resulted in hundreds of deaths, systematic rapes and summary executions.
  10. maquiladoras
  11. minimovie
    • 2007 March 5, Stuart Elliott, “Can’t Tell Your Cokes Apart? Sue Someone”, New York Times:
      By comparison, the maker of Mentos, Perfetti Van Melle USA, embraced the videographers, posting the minimovie on the Mentos Web site ( ) and sponsoring a “Mentos geyser video” contest.
  12. miserablist
  13. nerdily
    • 2007 March 5, Jennifer Dunning, “An Undertow of Melancholy in a Sea of Ever-Churning Humanity”, New York Times:
      The closing dance, “Company B,” set to World War II songs sung by the Andrews Sisters, featured a deliciously funny performance by Mr. Samson as the nerdily oblivious heartthrob in “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!” and a nimble virtuoso star turn by Francisco Graciano in “Tico-Tico.”
  14. nonpitching
  15. outhustled
  16. outmuscled
  17. ponytailed
    • 2007 March 5, Karen Crouse, “Florida Puts Kentucky and Smith on Notice”, New York Times:
      More than his height or his hair, the 6-foot-11 ponytailed Noah has charisma that separates him from other players on the court.
  18. preshow
    • 2007 March 5, Gia Kourlas, “Underworld, and They’re Dancing in the Dark”, New York Times:
      Chantal Yzermans, the Belgian director of the group Radical Low, began her new work, “ONR-I, allegory of night,” at the Danspace Project on Friday with the sort of alluring preshow that makes the rest suffer.
  19. riverkeeper
    • 2007 March 5, Richard G. Jones, “From Ferrying Thousands Daily to Rusting Away by the Turnpike”, New York Times:
      “Think of how many streams and rivers you drive over, and you don’t give it a second thought,” said Bill Schultz, the Raritan riverkeeper. It might not be the most favorable of landmarks, but if nothing else it gives people reason to think of my river.”
  20. schoolteaching
    • 2007 March 5, “Dear Diary”, New York Times:
      My very genteel late mother left the comforts of a schoolteaching career in Greenville, S.C., during the Second World War to move to Greenwich Village.
  21. semiabandoned
  22. skimmy
  23. slinkily
    • 2007 March 5, Edward Wyatt, “Dolls Clad in Feminism, and Hardly Anything Else”, New York Times:
      “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll,” which is to have its premiere on Tuesday night on the CW network, may look like just another reality show with attractive, slinkily dressed women preening for the camera in the hope of a shot at stardom.
  24. stagings
    • 2007 March 5, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      Four commissions, new stagings of Saint-Saëns’s “Carnival of the Animals” and Stravinsky’s “Histoire du Soldat” directed by Alan Alda , a Brazilian guitar marathon and the New York premiere of a lost Bach aria are among the highlights of the 2007-8 season at the 92nd Street Y. It opens on Sept. 30 with the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio playing Beethoven ’s complete piano trios in three concerts, at noon, 4 and 8 p.m.
  25. subheadline
  26. untrousered
  27. vroomed
    • 2007 March 5, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      “Wild Hogs” (Buena Vista), the motorcycling male midlife-crisis comedy starring Tim Allen , John Travolta , Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy , vroomed its way to the top of the movie chart in its first weekend in release, hauling in $38 million, according to estimates by the box-office tracking company Screenline.
  28. waterbug
    • 2007 March 5, Christa Weil, “We Eat Horses, Don’t We?”, New York Times:
      I have eaten all manner of improbable items, from antelope to waterbug, but the fact that horses so graciously did my bidding several decades ago means I won’t knowingly eat their kind (or dog, or dolphin) unless hard times make it a necessity.


  1. eepybird: brand name
    • 2007 March 5, Stuart Elliott, “Can’t Tell Your Cokes Apart? Sue Someone”, New York Times:
      “When that first happened, we didn’t know what to do with it,” Ms. Bayne said of the eepybird video. Over time, as we saw people have fun with it, we realized it’s important to be in the moment.”