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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-06-18 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-04).

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68079 tokens ‧ 50009 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 7343 types ‧ 36 (~ 0.49%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. antigang
    • 2007 June 18, Anemona Hartocollis, “Showing Style With Black and Gold, or Giving Cause for Arrest?”, New York Times:
      In these days of high-tech antiterrorist and antigang intelligence, it seems almost naïve that a group of people being watched so closely by the police would choose to identify themselves so flagrantly.
  2. antispyware
    • 2007 June 18, Alex Mindlin, “Computer Cookies and How They Crumble”, New York Times:
      But this system of measurement has a well-known flaw: users are prone to delete their cookies, either manually or by using antispyware programs.
  3. backloaded
    • 2007 June 18, Ben Shpigel, “Late Start Has Sent Mets’ Mota to Fringe”, New York Times:
      The Mets, satisfied with Mota’s contrition after the suspension was announced Nov. 1, outbid a few other teams for his services and signed him to a backloaded two-year, $5 million deal five weeks later.
  4. bimanual
    • 2007 June 18, “Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer (6 Letters)”, New York Times:
      Presymptomatic changes that are not accessible on the routine traditional bimanual examination can be picked up and sorted between those that require immediate attention and those that can be safely followed to eliminate unnecessary operations.
  5. bizarreness
    • 2007 June 18, Ginia Bellafante, “Doctor, Give Me the News, and Sew Me Up Pretty”, New York Times:
      Here doctors confront diseases that are obscure and vaguely medieval, the triumph over them further romanticized by the sheer bizarreness of the challenge.
  6. condomless
  7. counternatural
  8. deglamorization
    • 2007 June 18, Ginia Bellafante, “Doctor, Give Me the News, and Sew Me Up Pretty”, New York Times:
      The deglamorization that doctors have suffered with the rise of H.M.O.’s in American life has had its corrective on television, where medical dramas seem to labor ever more aggressively to establish the physician’s genius.
  9. doelike
    • 2007 June 18, Alastair Macaulay, “Veteran’s ‘Giselle,’ Full of Spontaneity, and No Apologies”, New York Times:
      The eyes are still doelike, the lines of the legs and arms have the same lovely, calm flow, the responsiveness to the other characters onstage is still touching and vulnerable, and her timing and phrasing remain wonderfully direct.
  10. endovaginal
  11. fibrodysplasia
    • 2007 June 18, Ginia Bellafante, “Doctor, Give Me the News, and Sew Me Up Pretty”, New York Times:
      This year that show featured a story about a patient with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a disorder in which damaged muscles and connective tissue turn to bone, forming, essentially, a second skeleton.
  12. furnacelike
    • 2007 June 18, Reuters, “China Captures Man Accused of Labor Abuse”, New York Times:
      BEIJING, June 17 (Reuters) — The Chinese police have captured a man accused of holding workers in virtual slavery, state news media reported Sunday in a national uproar over teenagers and men forced to work in brutal, furnacelike brick kilns.
  13. guilefully
    • 2007 June 18, Barry Bearak, “After Bus Attack, Afghan Police Mourn Their Own”, New York Times:
      The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, with Zabihullah Mujahid, who said he was a spokesman, saying in a phone interview that a suicide bomber had infiltrated the police and guilefully boarded the vehicle.
  14. junkman
    • 2007 June 18, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      It’s the call of the junkman from his horse-drawn cart, a vestige of British culture in the pre-electronic days.
  15. marrieds
    • 2007 June 18, David Carr, “New Capos’ Taut Smiles at HBO”, New York Times:
      For the time being, HBO will content itself with aggregating a series of niche tastes: the kids who tune in to see “Entourage,” young marrieds who find “Big Love” riveting.
  16. minicamp
  17. museumphobe
    • 2007 June 18, Alessandra Stanley, “Matching Masterpieces With History’s Flash Points”, New York Times:
      And he walks and talks viewers through it all in a “History Boys” style that is so chatty and disarming that even the flintiest museumphobe wants to stick around to find out what happened next.
  18. nonelective
    • 2007 June 18, “The Best Judges Business Can Buy”, New York Times:
      If the courts are going to pursue justice rather than advance special-interest agendas, states must either adopt public financing and strict fund-raising rules for judicial elections or switch to a nonelective merit selection system.
  19. nonpetroleum
    • 2007 June 18, Don Phillips, “Air Force Hopes to Cut Oil’s Role in Fuel”, New York Times:
      The United States Air Force has decided to push development of a new type of fuel to power its bombers and fighters, mixing conventional jet fuel with fuels from nonpetroleum sources that could eventually limit military dependence on imported oil.
  20. nonwaiver
  21. plinky
    • 2007 June 18, Kelefa Sanneh, “Preppie Afro-Pop and Other Odd Blends”, New York Times:
      On Saturday the band members laid down a series of playful indie-rock grooves: plinky keyboards and spidery guitar lines, rattling drums and nudging bass.
  22. preliberal
  23. preshow
  24. reservationist
    • 2007 June 18, Katie Hafner, “Restaurant Reservations Go Online”, New York Times:
      Placing a phone call there usually requires calling during business hours, enduring loud jazz for hold music, and talking with a reservationist for a while before finding an acceptable time.
  25. sexlessness
  26. sinkerballer
    • 2007 June 18, Ben Shpigel, “Wang, Baffling Mets, Extends Yankees’ June Push”, New York Times:
      Chien-Ming Wang, sinkerballer extraordinaire, compounded the Mets’ frustration by inducing ground ball after ground ball over eight and two-thirds innings in the Yankees ’ 8-2 victory at Yankee Stadium.
  27. soukous
  28. subdetection
  29. supersalesman
  30. transvaginal
    • 2007 June 18, “Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer (6 Letters)”, New York Times:
      Now that the medical community has recognized the existence of ovarian cancer symptoms, the insurance industry must make sure that all preventive and screening measures (transvaginal sonograms) are covered.
  31. ultranoble
    • 2007 June 18, Alastair Macaulay, “Veteran’s ‘Giselle,’ Full of Spontaneity, and No Apologies”, New York Times:
      The male peasant dancers in particular seem determined to demonstrate their aristocratic refinement, with ultranoble head positions and upper body glamour; the walk-on characters in the hunting party behave like waxworks.