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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-07-16 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-11).

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73825 tokens ‧ 54366 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 7806 types ‧ 28 (~ 0.359%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. appliancelike
    • 2007 July 16, John Markoff, “A PC That Uses Less Energy, but Charges a Monthly Fee”, New York Times:
      That led him and Mr. Rossmann, a former Apple executive who has started many Silicon Valley companies, to pursue the possibility of creating an appliancelike computer tailored to consumers who have no computer expertise.
  2. battlespace
  3. biomechanic
    • 2007 July 16, Joshua Robinson, “Amputee Disqualified for Running Out of Lane”, New York Times:
      “We’re hoping he’s willing to come to a lab so we can get him in for some biomechanic analysis, really see how it alters the way he runs and if it helps him.”
  4. concertlike
  5. conductorial
  6. frontstretch
    • 2007 July 16, The Associated Press, “Stewart Fights Off Kenseth and Snaps Victory Drought”, New York Times:
      Stewart, who has spent this week in a high-profile feud with his teammate Denny Hamlin, climbed the frontstretch fence in celebration, but seemed more relieved than elated by the victory.
  7. gallerylike
    • 2007 July 16, Allan Kozinn, “A Hypnotic Collaboration Sets 22 Poems to Music”, New York Times:
      For “Book of Longing,” which had its New York premiere at the Rose Theater on Saturday evening as part of the Lincoln Center Festival , Mr. Glass chose 22 poems from Mr. Cohen’s 2006 compilation of the same name. Mr. Cohen’s drawings are used as well, arrayed on a gallerylike wall behind the ensemble, with a central video screen showing a continually morphing selection.
  8. hyperlocal
  9. losingest
    • 2007 July 16, The Associated Press, “Phillies Hit 10,000 Losses, and Fans Cheer the Record”, New York Times:
      From Connie Mack Stadium to the Vet and Citizens Bank Park, and at ballparks all over, the Phillies have cemented their place as the losingest team in professional sports.
  10. lowlight
  11. multiclan
  12. nonholiday
  13. outraised
  14. oversaturated
  15. oversaturation
    • 2007 July 16, Brooks Barnes, “Fishnets and All, Bratz Image Gets a Hollywood Polish”, New York Times:
      The studio needs the effort to succeed now more than ever: over the last few months, horror movies, and some Lionsgate releases in particular, have performed poorly due to oversaturation.
  16. podlike
    • 2007 July 16, Anthony Tommasini, “Kirov Brings Russian Soul, and Budget, to Its ‘Ring’”, New York Times:
      In the opening scene of “Das Rheingold,” the Rhinemaidens were joined in their underwater dwelling by somnolent podlike creatures and slithering dancers covered with dangling illuminated strands, like exotic animals in coral reefs.
  17. polytonal
    • 2007 July 16, Jon Pareles, “Famous to a Picky Few: An Elite Gathering of Beloved Cult Acts”, New York Times:
      Most proudly, Pitchfork endorses music that dips into the avant-garde: the noise-encrusted roots-rock of Califone, the maniacally complex thrash metal of Mastodon, the muscular, polytonal jazz of Ken Vandermark’s Powerhouse Sound and the sinewy, hard-rocking minimalist patterns — sometimes topped with goofy pitch-shifted vocals — of Battles, all among Saturday’s best bands.
  18. popout
  19. posthorn
    • 2007 July 16, James R. Oestreich, “With Levine as Tour Guide, a Journey Through Mahler’s Third Symphony”, New York Times:
      The brass playing was uneven, but heroics were there when most needed: from the horns in the opening salvos; from the principal trumpeter, Thomas Rolfs, in a glorious account of the extended posthorn solo; and from all hands in the final blast.
  20. preventively
    • 2007 July 16, “A New Court for Terror Suspects? (5 Letters)”, New York Times:
      What is needed is a special Article III federal court with the power to preventively detain those who are dangerous and to try those who have committed crimes.
  21. psychographic
    • 2007 July 16, Pradnya Joshi, “Court TV Tilts to Tabloid Side in Ratings Quest”, New York Times:
      The company has even invented a brand name for its target audience: a “highly coveted psychographic known as ‘Real Engagers,’ ” according to its press release.
  22. recedingly
    • 2007 July 16, Ginia Bellafante, “Campus Sex Scandal Today for Leaders of Tomorrow”, New York Times:
      Evan has fooled around with Rebecca, a senator’s daughter and, thus by virtue of her lineage, one of his girlfriend’s prized pledges at Zeta Beta Zeta, a sorority not for the inadequately shaven or recedingly ambitious.
  23. unenthralling
    • 2007 July 16, Ben Brantley, “What Ever Happened to Momma Rose?”, New York Times:
      Yet in the enjoyable but unenthralling production of “Gypsy” that opened Saturday at City Center and runs through July 29, part of the new Encores!
  24. unisons
  25. unscary
  26. unsensual
    • 2007 July 16, Alessandra Stanley, “New Girl in Town Gets Settled With Hubby”, New York Times:
      And yet, for all her erotic poses, skimpy outfits and well-oiled limbs, Mrs. Beckham is oddly unsensual on television; she somehow takes the sin out of synergy.