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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-08-09 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-11).

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86567 tokens ‧ 63329 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8326 types ‧ 36 (~ 0.432%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. achillea *
  2. antigang
  3. artwise
    • 2007 August 9, Holland Cotter, “Go Ahead, Expect Surprises”, New York Times:
      And taking it all in, artwise, is what Mr. Mayerson’s show is about.
  4. bondswomen
  5. botanicals
    • 2007 August 9, Alix Strauss, “What Bright Effects You Have”, New York Times:
      Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment ($6.95) has blue botanicals and brightening pearls among its ingredients.
  6. caucusgoers
    • 2007 August 9, Michael Cooper, “South Carolina Joins in Race for Early Primaries”, New York Times:
      As a result of all this, several campaign officials said, Iowa caucusgoers could well end up casting the first votes of the 2008 presidential election in 2007.
  7. deutzia
    • 2007 August 9, Leslie Land, “Garden Q.&A.”, New York Times:
      Like forsythia, deutzia is most attractive when its branches are allowed to grow full length and arch down gracefully.
  8. dingers
    • 2007 August 9, Robert Whiting, “The Emperor of Swat”, New York Times:
      Hitting 756 dingers is certainly quite an achievement, more than anyone else has hit in Major League Baseball history.
  9. eighteenfold
    • 2007 August 9, Bloomberg News, “Japan: Mobile Phone Company’s Profit Surges”, New York Times:
      The Softbank Corporation, the Japanese mobile phone company, posted an eighteenfold increase in first-quarter profit after adding users at a pace twice that of the market leader, NTT DoCoMo .
  10. forceout
  11. forgivably
  12. habilis *
  13. humanlike
    • 2007 August 9, John Noble Wilford, “Fossils in Kenya Challenge Linear Evolution”, New York Times:
      Other paleontologists and experts in human evolution said the discovery strongly suggested that the early transition from more apelike to more humanlike ancestors was still poorly understood.
  14. manhunters
  15. megadeveloper
    • 2007 August 9, Seth Kugel, “A House That’s Just Unreal”, New York Times:
      Second Life offers all kinds of regions from which to chose, including the A’ksha Caves sim, a stark desert area with luxury housing owned by the megadeveloper Anshe Chung (the avatar of Ailin Graef, a Chinese-born businesswoman celebrated for making $1 million in real-life money from Second Life deals) and the Venice sim, based loosely on the real city, where a quick escape to rural Tuscany is just one geographically inaccurate sim away.
  16. merchandizing
    • 2007 August 9, Ruth La Ferla, “When High Price Is the Allure”, New York Times:
      Those remarks resonate with Jeffrey Kalinsky, a specialty retailer who owns fashion emporiums in New York and Atlanta. Mr. Kalinsky, who is also the director for designer merchandizing of Nordstrom, does not pretend to speak for his customers.
  17. microminis
    • 2007 August 9, Cintra Wilson, “A (Very Poised) Dance on the Table”, New York Times:
      Over-the-knee, Kiss platform boots are paired with thigh-high silk socks, and microminis with tuxedo-shirt details.
  18. midadolescent
    • 2007 August 9, Cintra Wilson, “A (Very Poised) Dance on the Table”, New York Times:
      The Phi store on Greene Street is a vast cool, dark space of dizzying height, an effect accentuated by smooth free-standing obsidian walls and willowy black Corinthian pillars that seem to be in a midadolescent growth spurt.
  19. minibag
  20. multiformat
    • 2007 August 9, Peter Wayner, “An Entire Bookshelf, in Your Hands”, New York Times: , a bookseller that supports many formats, sells some new novels as multiformat packages that let users choose among 10 readers from companies like Microsoft , Franklin or Adobe .
  21. nappa *
    • 2007 August 9, Cintra Wilson, “A (Very Poised) Dance on the Table”, New York Times:
      The trench, in slate-gray wool, with huge lapels and quilted black nappa leather sleeves, is belted at hip level for a surprisingly thin silhouette.
  22. neuronitis
    • 2007 August 9, Lawrence K. Altman, “Annual Exam Gives Bush Good Marks for Health”, New York Times:
      Untreated Lyme disease can lead to nerve damage, often involving the eighth cranial nerve, the same one affected by vestibular neuronitis.
  23. nevers
    • 2007 August 9, Ian Urbina, “From Two Broken Lives to One New Beginning”, New York Times:
      “When you’re in the drug scene, all your worst nevers come true,” Ms. Boyd said, describing things she had never thought she would do: stealing from her family, swapping sex for drugs and watching her son De’Andre McCullough start using and dealing at age 15.
  24. pouchlike
  25. readymade
    • 2007 August 9, Anne Raver, “In August’s Heat, Planning for Cooler Days”, New York Times:
      One 35.2-ounce bottle of readymade Deer Stopper in a sprayer costs $14.99; I buy the concentrate — one pint for $24.99 — and mix it myself.
  26. restrictionists
    • 2007 August 9, “The Misery Strategy”, New York Times:
      But restrictionists pushed the unwieldy structure over, and now even its architects have fled the scene.
  27. sims
    • 2007 August 9, Seth Kugel, “A House That’s Just Unreal”, New York Times:
      Linden Lab does not keep track of how many houses have been built across the more than 12,000 sims of Second Life, or how many of its regular users own and live in the houses, but the number is certainly in the thousands, according to Catherine Smith, a company spokeswoman.
  28. splashproof
    • 2007 August 9, David Pogue, “Internet Radio Made Easier”, New York Times:
      This machine, too, is designed to go; it has a built-in rechargeable battery, and it’s splashproof, meaning that it’s O.K. for bathroom or poolside use.
  29. suburbanization
  30. tripleton


  1. pepperbush