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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-08-14 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-11).

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91960 tokens ‧ 68345 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8566 types ‧ 41 (~ 0.479%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. anticompetition
  2. boatbuilder
    • 2007 August 14, David Staba, “Boats With Stories to Tell, Rescued From Obscurity”, New York Times:
      The teacher, Beth Kuter Pfenning, in reading the journals of her great-great-grandfather, a 19th-century farmer and business owner in the Adirondacks, saw that her forebear had bought oarlocks, hinting that he had perhaps been a boatbuilder as well.
  3. caregiving
    • 2007 August 14, Denise Grady, “Zen and the Art of Coping With Alzheimer’s”, New York Times:
      It’s already swamping millions of families, who suffer the anguish of seeing a loved one’s mind and personality disintegrate, and who struggle with caregiving and try to postpone the wrenching decision about whether they can keep the patient at home as helplessness increases, incontinence sets in and things are only going to get worse.
  4. channelrhodopsin
  5. chatterings
  6. consumerization
    • 2007 August 14, Steve Lohr, “Google and Microsoft Look to Change Health Care”, New York Times:
      “What’s behind this is the mass consumerization of health information,” said Dr. David J. Brailer, the former health information technology coordinator in the Bush administration, who now heads a firm that invests in health ventures.
  7. deglaciated
  8. eccrine
    • 2007 August 14, Abigail Zuger, “It Can Make You Cool or Make You Miserable”, New York Times:
      The palms and the soles have more eccrine glands than the rest of the body, and sweat there is triggered by emotion as well as heat.
  9. felicities
  10. flyout
  11. foredeck
    • 2007 August 14, John Tagliabue, “A Rising Tide of Gentrification Rocks Dutch Houseboats”, New York Times:
      AMSTERDAM, Aug. 8 — On a recent Saturday during the confusion of this watery city’s annual Gay Pride Parade along the majestic Princes Canal, a beach umbrella was knocked into the water from the foredeck of Jackie Wijnakker’s houseboat, so she dove into the water to fetch it, unsuccessfully.
  12. grapelike
  13. harmonie *
    • 2007 August 14, Steve Smith, “The Winds of Europe, in Sounds of the 1800s”, New York Times:
      Afterward the oboist Alfredo Bernardini, a co-founder of Zefiro and its spokesman, concisely introduced the harmonie format and its unusual tools, before the group resumed its buoyant, colorful performance.
  14. insightfully
  15. motherlode
  16. multisport
  17. multistrategy
    • 2007 August 14, Jenny Anderson, “Goldman and Investors to Put $3 Billion Into Fund”, New York Times:
      Global Equity Opportunities, known as GEO, as well as North American Equity Opportunities, known as NEO, and Global Alpha, a multistrategy fund, are all within the asset management business, which has $151 billion in assets invested in alternative investment strategies and $758 billion over all.
  18. newsmaking
  19. nonexercise
    • 2007 August 14, Abigail Zuger, “Sweatology”, New York Times:
      So does nonexercise activity, and so, according to a pivotal set of sweat studies done during World War II, does clothing, although not in the way one might predict.
  20. partywide
    • 2007 August 14, Adam Nagourney, “Rove Legacy Laden With Protégés”, New York Times:
      Those setbacks have contributed to a partywide sense of foreboding about keeping the White House in Republican hands.
  21. penlike
    • 2007 August 14, Elizabeth Svoboda, “Sniff Test May Signal Disorders’ Early Stages”, New York Times:
      Similar tests include the Connecticut Chemosensory Clinical Research Center Test and the “Sniffin’ Sticks” test, which dispenses odors from penlike devices.
  22. posthuman
  23. posthumans
    • 2007 August 14, John Tierney, “Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch”, New York Times:
      If civilization survived long enough to reach that stage, and if the posthumans were to run lots of simulations for research purposes or entertainment, then the number of virtual ancestors they created would be vastly greater than the number of real ancestors.
  24. precancer
    • 2007 August 14, Jane E. Brody, “Thriving After Life's Bum Rap”, New York Times:
      “There are two Lance Armstrongs, precancer and post,” he recounted in his 2001 memoir, “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back To Life.”
  25. prescreened
    • 2007 August 14, Jane Gross, “A Grass-Roots Effort to Grow Old at Home”, New York Times:
      Beacon Hill’s 400 members pay yearly dues — $580 for an individual and $780 for a couple, plus à la carte fees — in exchange for the security of knowing that a prescreened carpenter, chef, computer expert or home health aide is one phone call away.
  26. racegoers
    • 2007 August 14, Danny Hakim, “Spitzer in His Element at Nascar Race”, New York Times:
      Many of the racegoers — the ones from New York, at least — said they knew about the governor’s troubles, but they largely chalked them up to politics as usual.
  27. rainfalls
  28. roamings
  29. shamnesty
    • 2007 August 14, Jim Rutenberg, “Rove Will Resign as Bush Adviser”, New York Times:
      And not a word about the spectacular disaster of the illegal alien shamnesty, which will be the everlasting stain Rove leaves behind.”
  30. shorefront
  31. signability
  32. spectacularity
    • 2007 August 14, Mike Hale, “TV Meets the Web. All Is Safe.”, New York Times:
      ABC can’t just show the video, as spectacular as it is — the moment when a water buffalo throws a lion in the air is downright amazing — so it adds some newsmagazine value by interviewing professional wildlife photographers, who testify to the video’s spectacularity; Mr. Budzinski, who tells us how he got the shot; and Mr. Schlossberg, who tells us why he put it on YouTube.
  33. supranuclear
    • 2007 August 14, Elizabeth Svoboda, “Sniff Test May Signal Disorders’ Early Stages”, New York Times:
      Parkinson’s, for instance, has a clinical profile similar to a condition called progressive supranuclear palsy, but the palsy disorder seldom affects the ability to smell.
  34. tinnily
  35. undisclosing
    • 2007 August 14, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Elizabeth Murray”, New York Times:
      Elizabeth Murray’s death is enough to teach you how separate and undisclosing an artist’s work always is.
  36. uneroded