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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-09-13 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-11).

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  1. antiestablishment
  2. antigang
    • 2007 September 13, Solomon Moore, “Gangs Grow, but Hard Line Stirs Doubts”, New York Times:
      Large-scale arrests have been a key component of Los Angeles’s antigang approach for more than 30 years, said Constance L. Rice, director of the Advancement Project, a liberal group founded by civil rights lawyers that focuses on racial justice issues.
  3. camarasaurus
  4. cinephilic
  5. countercharges
    • 2007 September 13, Steven R. Weisman, “Panel Urges World Bank to Change Antigraft Plan”, New York Times:
      By all accounts, Mr. Volcker, who had investigated the United Nations oil-for-food scandal in which Iraq siphoned off money from its oil sales, had to navigate many contentious charges and countercharges.
  6. crossbreeding
    • 2007 September 13, Cintra Wilson, “Smoke and Mirrors Without the Smoke”, New York Times:
      The print is not just one animal, but a crossbreeding of leopard-zebra-peacock-tiger-pheasant, with bits of shredded griffon.
  7. dephoned
  8. echinaceas
    • 2007 September 13, Leslie Land, “Garden Q.&A.”, New York Times:
      Drought might shrivel stems and cause buds to hang, but it is unlikely to make them look severed, said James R. Ault, the director of environmental horticulture at the Chicago Botanic Garden, who has done extensive work with coneflowers, a k a echinaceas.
  9. florals
    • 2007 September 13, Eric Wilson, “Along Various Roads, Including the Yellow Brick”, New York Times:
      Some of her dresses, cut shorter this season, with little peaked shoulders, came alternately in sugarplum ruffled florals or blaring acid-trip prints and intersecting stripes, and could not be mistaken as belonging to anyone else, unless you are Frank Stella.
  10. fuguelike
    • 2007 September 13, Anthony Tommasini, “A Runaway Who Paid a High Price for Freedom”, New York Times:
      He can write lyrically ruminative vocal lines and knows how to energize choristers, as in an animated ensemble of slaves awaiting auction, where the words “No, no more!” become a theme for a syncopated, patter-filled, fuguelike chorus.
  11. hairstyling
    • 2007 September 13, Natasha Singer, “A Spritz Here, a Jitter or Two There”, New York Times:
      MARTINA CORREA, an 18-year-old fashion model from Buenos Aires, plopped her nearly six-foot frame into a hairstyling chair and lifted up her waist-length pre-Raphaelite red hair so a towel could be placed on her shoulders.
  12. harawi
    • 2007 September 13, Vivien Schweitzer, “Cultures in Combination to Commemorate a Tragedy”, New York Times:
      The mesmerizing pipa player Wu Man presented a traditional Chinese piece, “White Snow in a Sunny Spring, ” and the premiere of “Soliloquio Serrano” by Gabriela Lena Frank, a California-born composer of Peruvian, Jewish and Chinese heritage. Ms. Frank, who has written for the pipa before and has a remarkable facility with the instrument, provided Ms. Wu with a virtuosic, expressive tapestry inspired by the harawi, a melancholy song genre from the Peruvian Andes.
  13. henley
    • 2007 September 13, David Colman, “How New York Got Its Look Back”, New York Times:
      Left, Tim Hamilton gray cotton henley, $188 at August boutique in Oakland; cream cotton-wool T-shirt, $135, pinstripe wool trousers, $275, and knit hat, $120, at Bergdorf; black satin-jersey polo shirt, $260 at Jeffrey.
  14. hyperextended
  15. megaplex
  16. minimansion
    • 2007 September 13, Paul Young, “Nice, but Can It Wash Itself?”, New York Times:
      To the dismay of local preservationists, who fondly recall a time when Venice Beach was the Coney Island of the Pacific (complete with gondola-lined canals, amusement park rides and aquariums), many of the properties in the area have followed a similar evolution: quaint cottage to hippy shack to multimillion-dollar minimansion.
  17. nonconfidential
    • 2007 September 13, Michael Brick, “Reporters Won’t Have to Testify in Death”, New York Times:
      The case was unusual, she said, because it involved unpublished material (the exact circumstances of the interviews) from nonconfidential sources (the parents).
  18. ornamentals
    • 2007 September 13, Leslie Land, “Garden Q.&A.”, New York Times:
      Christopher Yooning, a plant health care specialist at the garden, said you probably have the common stem borer, which has recently become much more of a pest for growers of ornamentals.
  19. pastoralists
    • 2007 September 13, Jeffrey Gettleman, “In Southern Sudan, Peace Alters a Way of Life”, New York Times:
      In this epoch of iPhones and plasma TVs, Panthar’s muddy feet are squarely planted in yesteryear’s southern Sudan, an isolated area home to the Dinka people, impossibly tall and rugged pastoralists who — after suffering 50 years of war — are finally witnessing peace, development and change.
  20. platooning
    • 2007 September 13, David Picker, “Mets Have Final Say, Thanks to Green’s Hit”, New York Times:
      Green, who was displaced in right field last month and had been platooning at first base with Jeff Conine for the injured Carlos Delgado, started in right as the Mets also used the backups Marlon Anderson (first base) and Rubén Gotay (second).
  21. presurge
  22. rootstock
    • 2007 September 13, Guy Trebay, “In This Front Row, Downtown Cred”, New York Times:
      From the unlikely rootstock of, say, Simon Doonan and Sofia Coppola, who practically have box seats at the show, lines of association branch out and away improbably.
  23. saunalike
  24. screenless
  25. semistupid
    • 2007 September 13, Virginia Heffernan, “Web Celebrity Muckraker Opens on TV”, New York Times:
      They include Kirsten Storms of “General Hospital,” whose photograph is grotesquely animated to look as though she is blowing into a cartoon Breathalyzer, and Gary Dourdan of “CSI,” who as a hot-dog driver and apparent street enemy of the TMZ photographers, is baited into saying things that sound semistupid only after obscene amounts of editing.
  26. stripperwear
  27. subprocessors
  28. superagency
    • 2007 September 13, “Department of Brazen Bureaucracy”, New York Times:
      The administration’s latest exercise of in-your-face contumely would confirm the superagency, which includes FEMA in its organization chart, as a millstone rather than a bulwark in future disasters.
  29. tannish
  30. tappable
    • 2007 September 13, David Pogue, “Making Over the iPod Family (Again)”, New York Times:
      There’s the 3.5-inch touch screen; there’s the Home screen with tappable icons for Calendar, Clock and Calculator, Music, Videos and Photos.
  31. touchstick
  32. unglossy
    • 2007 September 13, Virginia Heffernan, “Web Celebrity Muckraker Opens on TV”, New York Times:
      To keep his audience fixated on the blurry, unglossy and often nonexclusive images he presents, he has drafted a catchall sci-fi melodrama that — like, say, Marx’s “Capital” in its day — currently holds a significant faction of the American population in thrall.
  33. unspontaneous
    • 2007 September 13, Alastair Macaulay, “Portraits in Grief After Graham and Jungian Torment in Greek Legends”, New York Times:
      At present, there is a distractingly fashionable prettiness about parts of it that I don’t associate with Graham, but also an unspontaneous style of performance that has bedeviled many Graham performances for decades.
  34. washi
    • 2007 September 13, Mitchell Owens, “Room to Improve”, New York Times:
      My favorite is Model B, a nubby construction that is 18 inches wide by 92 inches long and is made of washi paper over bamboo ribs.