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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-10-06 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-11).

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87112 tokens ‧ 64076 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8139 types ‧ 24 (~ 0.295%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. churchlike
    • 2007 October 6, Bernard Holland, “The Oldest of Sounds Arrive in a Brand-New Setting”, New York Times:
      Jacqueline Horner, singing Elizabethan music with the group Parthenia, and Drew Minter, doing medieval pieces with the trio Trefoil, gave off the sonic image of churchlike stone walls and deep spaces.
  2. creaturely
    • 2007 October 6, Claudia La Rocco, “That Solo, That Look, and That Handstand”, New York Times:
      The women set spare phrases against these rich, evocative skeins of sound. Ms. Monson enthralled with her burbling, creaturely movements.
  3. dancerly
    • 2007 October 6, The New York Times, “Dance in Review”, New York Times:
      Barefoot, they did an appealing mixture of ballet and expressionistic gesture that would not stand up as remarkable choreography were it not for the dancerly range of contrasts that Mr. Gaines gives them.
  4. encourager *
  5. fireballer
    • 2007 October 6, Tyler Kepner, “Again, the Indians Create the Buzz”, New York Times:
      CLEVELAND, Oct. 5 — It is natural to be drawn to Joba Chamberlain , to the irresistible story of the rookie fireballer from Nebraska who saved the Yankees ’ season.
  6. folkishness
    • 2007 October 6, Ben Ratliff, “An Unconventional Conversation”, New York Times:
      She has made a remarkable new record, “You Follow Me” (Fat Cat), with one other musician, not an accompanist: not another singer for duets, not a pianist or a cellist, not anything that transmits folkishness.
  7. gridlike
  8. megapander
    • 2007 October 6, Gail Collins, “Rudy Finds a New Topic”, New York Times:
      Right now he’s running ads bragging that he signed a No New Taxes pledge — a megapander that even Mitt in less desperate times admitted was a gimmick.
  9. nonelasticized
  10. noninterim
    • 2007 October 6, Ben Shpigel, “Phillies Look to Control Destiny, Not Weather”, New York Times:
      Tracy produced records of 67-95 in 2006 and 68-94 this season, and had the shortest run of any noninterim Pirates manager since Bill Virdon was fired late into his second season in 1973.
  11. nonlactating
    • 2007 October 6, Elizabeth Olson, “Massachusetts: Ruling for Student Upheld”, New York Times:
      Last week’s decision, by Judge Gary Katzmann, held that denying Ms. Currier the extra time meant she would not be on “equal footing” with men and nonlactating women who take the test.
  12. notetaker
    • 2007 October 6, Elaine Sciolino, “A Priest Methodically Reveals Ukrainian Jews’ Fate”, New York Times:
      Traveling with a team that includes two interpreters, a photographer, a cameraman, a ballistics specialist, a mapping expert and a notetaker, Father Desbois records all the stories on video, sometimes holding the microphone himself, and asking questions in simple language and a flat tone.
  13. overemphatically
    • 2007 October 6, The New York Times, “Dance in Review”, New York Times:
      They were read imprecisely but overemphatically by Lillias White (“Unimaginable, unimaginable horrors.
  14. overlaminate
  15. preapproved
    • 2007 October 6, Ginia Bellafante, “Seeking Deep Answers in the Wild Green Yonder”, New York Times:
      “Life Is Wild,” which is based on the British series "Wild at Heart," simply cannot be given the preapproved seal of inspection for adults, either.
  16. railbirds
    • 2007 October 6, Charles Mcgrath, “The Happy Hustler”, New York Times:
      He earned it one night at Chelsea Billiards in New York, where he knocked off Eddie Hubler, a k a Kid Vicious, winning $4,200 from railbirds who were certain that the fat kid from Jersey had no game.
  17. smoochers
  18. superboutiques
    • 2007 October 6, Lawrence M. Fisher, “Wine Made the Co-op Way”, New York Times:
      Aside from some superboutiques offering wines at $100 a bottle and up, most of the wine made here these days is produced and distributed by multinational beverage giants or spirits manufacturers.
  19. undisguisable
    • 2007 October 6, Charles Mcgrath, “The Happy Hustler”, New York Times:
      It doesn’t help that Mr. Basavich is undisguisable.
  20. unpeaceful
    • 2007 October 6, Cathy Horyn, “Chanel Clings to Trends; YSL Hugs the Logo”, New York Times:
      The unpeaceful quality of Riccardo Tisci’s collection for Givenchy, with its sharp stilettos, military khaki, field belts and grommet-riddled fabrics, suggests a selective reading of European history, or maybe no reading at all, a profound ignorance, in fact, of the human cost of war.
  21. unresignation
  22. vogueing
    • 2007 October 6, The New York Times, “Dance in Review”, New York Times:
      She desires to master the intricacies of the runway, the proud history of vogueing and, er, the general fabulousness of your rule.
  23. winegrowing
    • 2007 October 6, Lawrence M. Fisher, “Wine Made the Co-op Way”, New York Times:
      Their son Rob, 36, president for winegrowing, owns 39 percent; so does their daughter, Dina, 31, the creative director.