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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-10-29 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-26).

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75220 tokens ‧ 55092 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 7817 types ‧ 28 (~ 0.358%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. bajees
    • 2007 October 29, George Vecsey, “A Long Way From Home, a Feeling of Comfort”, New York Times:
      Right below the column and statue of Admiral Nelson, a few male and female bobbies of Indian descent, in dark blue uniforms and helmets, mingled with the crowd, waving their arms and swiveling their hips, accompanied by the fragrance of onion bajees and chickpeas and other good stuff.
  2. caballeros *
    • 2007 October 29, Randy Kennedy, “Trove of Unknown Work Expands Outsiders Legacy”, New York Times:
      What Ms. Anderson saw were Ramrezs unmistakable subjects horses and caballeros, trains, tunnels, ships, Madonnas and the grand, repetitive lines that were his trademark.
  3. cerebrally
  4. chronofile
    • 2007 October 29, Douglas Martin, “Robert Shields, Wordy Diarist, Dies at 89”, New York Times:
      An impish, balding man, he mimicked the inventor Buckminster Fuller, who documented his life in what he called a chronofile by pasting letters, bills and all manner of pieces of paper in a huge scrapbook for 68 years.
  5. clinchers
    • 2007 October 29, Tyler Kepner, “Boston Sweeps World Series Again”, New York Times:
      Ill be dancing, but just not tonight, said Papelbon, whose Riverdance routine has punctuated the postseason clinchers.
  6. coplas
    • 2007 October 29, Jon Pareles, “Gypsy Spirit Infuses the Fusion”, New York Times:
      The sorrowful volatility of the old Spanish songs called coplas and of flamenco its pain and tragedy, endured and defied suffused her musics multilayered rhythms and harmonies.
  7. disincentivize
    • 2007 October 29, Eric Pfanner, “Europe Proposes Warnings for Auto Ads”, New York Times:
      The European Parliaments proposals will disincentivize car manufacturers from advertising, have a damaging effect on the media that rely on advertising for their revenues and will not in our view have much effect on consumer attitudes, said Peta Buscombe, chief executive of the Advertising Association in Britain.
  8. eyeholes
    • 2007 October 29, Trymaine Lee, “Dressed for Halloween? No, to Clean Up Times Sq.”, New York Times:
      Then there is Red Justice, a substitute teacher from Woodside, Queens, who wears red boxer briefs over jeans, a red cape made from an old T-shirt and a sock with eyeholes to mask his identity.
  9. geekerati
    • 2007 October 29, David Carr, “Murdoch, a Folk Hero in Silicon”, New York Times:
      He was overwhelmed by an immediate onrush of hospitality as the geekerati lined up to get a word with him.
  10. gorefest
    • 2007 October 29, The New York Times, “Saw IV Mops Up”, New York Times:
      The Saw IV gorefest swamped the competition on the pre-Halloween weekend.
  11. hospidars
    • 2007 October 29, Janet Maslin, “East and West Intertwine With Intrigue in Istanbul”, New York Times:
      Did he tell you about his time in Greece? Mr. Goodwin also savors the seraskiers, voivodes, hospidars and incunabula that give his story its further air of dictionary-worthy exoticism.
  12. lemonades
    • 2007 October 29, “Metropolitan Diary”, New York Times:
      One box of Cracker Jacks, two frozen lemonades and seven innings later, my daughter had had enough.
  13. midscale
  14. mudblood
    • 2007 October 29, Edward Rothstein, “Is Dumbledore Gay? Depends on Definitions of Is and Gay”, New York Times:
      Her heroes are the hybrids, the misfits, those of mixed blood, all bearing scars of loss and love: the half-giant Hagrid, the mudblood Hermione (whose parents were not wizards), the poverty-stricken Ron, the orphaned Harry.
  15. overexamined
    • 2007 October 29, Kelefa Sanneh, “Miss Bad Media Karma Sings, Too”, New York Times:
      Together they evoke the horror, the exhilaration and (finally) the boredom of the overexamined life.
  16. postviewing
  17. ripplings
    • 2007 October 29, Alastair Macaulay, “An Ephemeral Portrait of an Artist in a Hall of Mirrors”, New York Times:
      And if there is a serious connection between the fragmented Close close-up portraits that are among the backdrops and the sometimes Chopin-like, thinly pretty ripplings of Mr. Glasss music, Mr. Elos choreography does not point them out on a first viewing.
  18. sabermetric
    • 2007 October 29, Selena Roberts, “Rodriguez Is a Bauble a Champion Doesnt Need”, New York Times:
      And, true, the Red Sox like to think of themselves as clairvoyants, able to search their sabermetric hearts to accurately predict the sunsets of former Boston idols like Johnny Damon and Pedro Martnez .
  19. topazes
    • 2007 October 29, The Associated Press, “Hans Stern Dies at 85; Built Global Jewelry Empire”, New York Times:
      Traveling inland on horseback, Mr. Stern got to know the miners and the lodes of tourmalines, amethysts, topazes and other semiprecious stones in the backwoods of Minas Gerais State.
  20. traversos
    • 2007 October 29, James R. Oestreich, “Early-Music Maestros Juilliard Plans”, New York Times:
      The historical range will be confined basically to the 17th and 18th centuries, Mr. Polisi added, because the Baroque and Classical repertory allows students to transfer their skills between instruments, with, say, conventional string players adapting to gut strings and Baroque bows, and modern flutists to wooden traversos.
  21. ultracompetitiveness
    • 2007 October 29, William C. Rhoden, “This Season, Moss Is in the Mood to Play”, New York Times:
      When the backup quarterback Matt Cassel scored and spiked the ball in the end zone with 5 minutes 53 seconds left to give New England a 52-0 lead, I wondered whether Bill Belichick s Patriots machine had crossed the line from ultracompetitiveness to cruelty.
  22. unthreateningly
    • 2007 October 29, Janet Maslin, “East and West Intertwine With Intrigue in Istanbul”, New York Times:
      Yashim glides easily and unthreateningly through all strata of Istanbuls highly nuanced culture, to the point where that culture is one of Mr. Goodwins most evocative ingredients.
  23. winkingly
    • 2007 October 29, Edward Rothstein, “Is Dumbledore Gay? Depends on Definitions of Is and Gay”, New York Times:
      Playing off other caricatures, comments on sites like mention Dumbledores purple robe with glittery silver stars or winkingly allude to the Hogwarts policy of Dont ask, dont spell.