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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-11-09 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-26).

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  1. ballhandling
  2. barrelhouse
    • 2007 November 9, Jon Pareles, “A Tribute to Bob Dylan, Both Reverent and Rowdy”, New York Times:
      Older performers treated Mr. Dylans songs like rowdy pals. Mr. Adams drawled through Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 with some casual lyrics of his own, some two-fisted barrelhouse piano and an appropriately stoned-out attitude. Mr. Kooper sang It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry with bluesy familiarity.
  3. blands
  4. bootblacking
    • 2007 November 9, John Strausbaugh, “When Barnum Took Manhattan”, New York Times:
      To support his young family in Manhattan he tried his hand at bootblacking, ad writing and peddling Bibles, but found his true calling as a showman.
  5. cookhouse
    • 2007 November 9, Billie Cohen, “The Square Footage Out Back”, New York Times:
      The result is a minicompound that includes the two-bedroom barn, a cookhouse and a separate studio/office that also serves as guest quarters.
  6. infotained
    • 2007 November 9, “Beware Reality”, New York Times:
      Some old-timers in Hollywood peg the dawn of reality TV to the great strike of 1988, when writers walked off the lot and NBC punished the rest of us with Group One Medical in which real doctors infotained America with real patients.
  7. khon
    • 2007 November 9, Jennifer Dunning, “Hear Them Talk and See Them Dance, Then Watch Their Cultures Clash”, New York Times:
      But he has found his perfect complement in Mr. Klunchun, a practitioner of khon, a form of classical Thai masked dance, who wanders serenely with Mr. Bel through a series of cultural collisions until the gentle cataclysm that suddenly and amusingly ends the conversation.
  8. maitake
  9. microbrewed
    • 2007 November 9, C. J. Hughes, “A Former Dutch Enclave Charms a New Generation”, New York Times:
      At night, attention shifts to places like the High Falls Caf, where the grilled tofu entree, with artichokes and roasted red pepper pure, costs $16, and where the 15 bottled beers include Old Capital, which is microbrewed in Kingston.
  10. midcreek
  11. minicompound
    • 2007 November 9, Billie Cohen, “The Square Footage Out Back”, New York Times:
      The result is a minicompound that includes the two-bedroom barn, a cookhouse and a separate studio/office that also serves as guest quarters.
  12. mushroomers
    • 2007 November 9, Stephen Regenold, “Hot on the Trail of the Edible Fungi in Illinois”, New York Times:
      We have deep-rooted associations with mushrooms being pretty low on the totem pole, said Ike Forester, president of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), an organization of professional and amateur mushroomers based in Gladstone, Ore.
  13. nondisabled
    • 2007 November 9, “Veterans Without Health Care”, New York Times:
      Unfortunately, in recent years enrollment of higher-income, nondisabled veterans shot up so fast that long waiting lists developed and budgets failed to keep pace, forcing a freeze on enrollments in this category.
  14. nonecclesiastical
    • 2007 November 9, Clyde Haberman, “Getting Religious About Street Parking”, New York Times:
      Church members reach this state of exaltation through a special dispensation granted by a nonecclesiastical synod, a body called the City Council.
  15. nonelderly
    • 2007 November 9, Paul Krugman, “Health Care Excuses”, New York Times:
      Beyond that, a large fraction of the population about one in four nonelderly Americans, according to a Consumer Reports survey is underinsured, with coverage so meager they often postponed medical care because of costs.
  16. nonhunters
    • 2007 November 9, Susan Stellin, “As Deer Think of Wooing, Maine Thinks of Deer”, New York Times:
      But in rural Maine on the opening day of deer season an event anticipated like a national holiday in some parts of the country it is obvious that the gap separating hunters and nonhunters isnt necessarily about guns, or even animals.
  17. nonoperating
    • 2007 November 9, The Associated Press, “Loss Widens at Cablevision, but Operating Income Gains”, New York Times:
      Several nonoperating factors, including a higher tax benefit in the year-ago period as well as losses associated with retiring debt and from investments, affected the latest results.
  18. nonperiod
    • 2007 November 9, Ken Johnson, “Gilding the Ancien Rgime”, New York Times:
      By contrast, one of the best parts of the Wrightsman Galleries is a nonperiod room offering a display of Svres ceramics, including 10 small pieces of wood furniture decorated with vividly colored ceramic tiles, plaques and panels.
  19. nonpoliticized
  20. nonwar
    • 2007 November 9, Carl Hulse, “Democrats Tie Iraq Spending Bill to a Pullout Goal”, New York Times:
      If the $50 billion measure stalls, the Pentagon might have to shift money from nonwar accounts to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan into early next year.
  21. nonwriting
    • 2007 November 9, Edward Wyatt, “2 Studios Escalate Actions Against Striking Writers”, New York Times:
      This week, the studios said they expected that the show runners the writer-producers who oversee some of the biggest hits on television would continue to work on the shows by performing nonwriting duties.
  22. outflung
    • 2007 November 9, Claudia La Rocco, “Brooklyn Convocation of Shakers (and Movers)”, New York Times:
      But credit must go to Mr. Saarinen, who, starting from the original Shaker dances, has forged a wonderfully earthy movement language, full of lurching, rhythmically stamping processionals, arched backs, outflung arms and shoulders that look as if they could bear up under a greater burden than Atlass. Mr. Saarinen and his seven dancers disappeared into this language, leaving the audience to squint through Mikki Kunttus thick, murky lighting design.
  23. overbrowsed
  24. palpability
    • 2007 November 9, Michiko Kakutani, “Uncorking One Familys Secret”, New York Times:
      But the very palpability of the Hooks happiness and contentment works against this novels larger design, undermining Mr. Swifts supposition that this family could be blown to bits by a little revelation about DNA.
  25. prerenovation
    • 2007 November 9, Ken Johnson, “Gilding the Ancien Rgime”, New York Times:
      Mr. Kinmonth served as a consultant for the flamboyantly theatrical 2004 exhibition Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the 18th Century, which used the prerenovation Wrightsman Galleries as background for lavishly costumed mannequins posed in all kinds of erotic and scandalous ways.
  26. ranchero *
    • 2007 November 9, Jon Pareles, “For One Dominican Songwriter, Top Music Honors”, New York Times:
      Mexican performers dominated the first part of the program: the singer Pepe Aguilar, who won the best ranchero album award, appeared with both a mariachi band and a banda (brass band) and sang about being 100 percent Mexican.
  27. russula
    • 2007 November 9, Stephen Regenold, “Hot on the Trail of the Edible Fungi in Illinois”, New York Times:
      NAMA counts about 70 mycological clubs throughout North America as affiliates, some with 200 or more members. Mr. Forester said the Pacific Northwest, southern Appalachia, and parts of the Northeast were hot spots, where edibles include saffron milk caps, the cauliflower mushroom, bears head, shrimp russula, chanterelles, orange milky cap, lobster mushrooms, giant puffballs, Oregon white truffles and candy caps.
  28. superlow
    • 2007 November 9, Jenny Anderson, “Talent Pool Drying Up Just When Wall St. Needs It”, New York Times:
      But there are perks for the person who responds to the help wanted sign: the ability to say all the bad stuff was the fault of the previous guy along with restricted stock and options issued at superlow prices.
  29. tarlike
  30. tigerwood
    • 2007 November 9, Linda Baker, “The Complexities of Keeping It Small and Simple”, New York Times:
      Other features include tigerwood flooring certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a vegetable wax finish, a water-conserving toilet, an on-demand water heater and in the bathroom a solar tube a type of skylight that intensifies natural light to use in place of a regular electrical fixture.
  31. toylike
  32. unalarmed
  33. underorganized