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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-12-27 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-26).

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  1. antireflection
    • 2007 December 27, Ian Austen, “Macro Photography, Microscopic Details”, New York Times:
      Generally, but not necessarily, the more expensive versions have two lenses, or elements, sandwiched together to correct optical distortions from the add-on lens and better antireflection coatings.
  2. antishake
    • 2007 December 27, Ian Austen, “Macro Photography, Microscopic Details”, New York Times:
      Sony , Olympus and Pentax have digital S.L.R.s with special antishake sensor chips, eliminating the need for special lenses.
  3. antivibration
    • 2007 December 27, Ian Austen, “Macro Photography, Microscopic Details”, New York Times:
      The antivibration systems now mean that hand-held close-up photos can be taken at very slow speeds without blurring.
  4. buttonless
    • 2007 December 27, Julie Scelfo, “Marketing Dcor for a Conflicted Era”, New York Times:
      Or an armless corner chair with slightly flared backs, buttonless tufts and an attached flat cushion?
  5. chartbuster
  6. craftsy
    • 2007 December 27, Julie Scelfo, “Marketing Dcor for a Conflicted Era”, New York Times:
      This look contemporary spaces peppered with antiques and craftsy pieces, bespoke furnishings that tweak traditional forms with unusual materials has filtered into the mainstream consciousness, thanks largely to TV makeover programs, magazines and blogs.
  7. demiclad
    • 2007 December 27, Ruth La Ferla, “Introducing the Ivanka”, New York Times:
      Seeing her swan alongside Mr. Trump on The Apprentice, or vamp demiclad in the pages of a fashion magazine, an observer could be forgiven for sizing her up as a bit of garnish on her fathers multilayered business operation.
  8. fabuloso *
    • 2007 December 27, Cintra Wilson, “Has Vitamin A. Needs a Martini.”, New York Times:
      Broadway has always been home to notorious strip clubs like the Condor, the illustrated marquee of which once featured blinking nipples, and whose manager famously died in flagrante fabuloso, trapped amid the ceiling, a spinning hydraulic piano and a cocktail waitress.
  9. learnedness
  10. miniprinter
  11. multicandidate
    • 2007 December 27, Adam Nagourney, “Holiday Cheer Gives Way to Final Primary Push in Iowa”, New York Times:
      The positive tone was evidence of the complications of running in a multicandidate field where an attack on one candidate could have the effect of driving voters to a third.
  12. nelumbos
    • 2007 December 27, Leslie Land, “Garden Q.&A.”, New York Times:
      Although almost all nelumbos are rated hardy to zone 5, or according to some optimists, zone 4, that rating assumes enough water and soil to protect the tubers from freezing.
  13. preattack
    • 2007 December 27, “Protection for Endangered Whistle-Blowers”, New York Times:
      White House complaints that homeland defense would be threatened are, in fact, contradicted by the history of 9/11 and the F.B.I. field agent whose preattack warnings to superiors went unheeded.
  14. principalship
    • 2007 December 27, Joyce Cohen, “Lots of Home Work”, New York Times:
      They toyed with the idea of moving to Miami, Mrs. Deanss hometown, but then Mr. Deans, 31, an assistant principal in Manhattan, was offered the principalship of Victory Collegiate High School in Canarsie, Brooklyn.
  15. psychoacoustic
  16. scriptwriting
  17. semifinished
    • 2007 December 27, Bloomberg News, “China to Levy Tariffs on Some Exported Steel Products”, New York Times:
      The tariff on the export of steel wires and rods will be raised to 15 percent, from 10 percent, and duties on semifinished steel products and pig iron will be increased to 25 percent, from 15 percent, the ministrys statement said.
  18. sportscasting
    • 2007 December 27, Anna Jane Grossman, “A Chorus of Dog Whisperers”, New York Times:
      Brian Kurth, the founder of VocationVacations, a company that sets up apprenticeships for those interested in a potential career change, said that dog training is one of the top professions people want to try, right up there with sportscasting and winemaking.
  19. transesophageal
    • 2007 December 27, Michael Cooper, “Giulianis Doctor Says Tests Reveal Very Good Health”, New York Times:
      Dr. Fuster said he personally examined Mr. Giuliani upon his return to New York and gave him a transesophageal echocardiogram, which produces images of the heart.
  20. ultrasuede
    • 2007 December 27, Julie Scelfo, “Marketing Dcor for a Conflicted Era”, New York Times:
      How do you label a serpentine sectional with a tufted back, scrolled arms and tapered wooden legs, that looks traditional when upholstered in chestnut leather, but sleek and contemporary in white ultrasuede?
  21. unsworn
    • 2007 December 27, Richard Sandomir, “Garden Settles a Lawsuit Filed by a Former Rangers Cheerleader”, New York Times:
      In her court documents, Prince said that she showed no unusual symptoms when the psychiatrist examined her and that his diagnosis was derived from comments made by 10 skaters in unsworn affidavits.
  22. zoogoers
    • 2007 December 27, Ken Belson, “Tiger on the Loose: Can It Happen Here?”, New York Times:
      Still, in the New York area, plenty of zoogoers seemed unperturbed by the dreadful and extremely unusual episode.


  1. blawgers: protologism
  2. wussed
  3. mophie: brand name