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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-02-15 issue of the New York Times (2009-03-03).

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97972 tokens ‧ 70722 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 9265 types ‧ 29 (~ 0.313%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. antipoisoning
    • 2008 February 15, Marc Lacey, “In Remote Valley, a Grim Redefinition of ‘Fishing’”, New York Times:
      Residents are now rising up against the practice, however, joining an antipoisoning campaign that is aimed at keeping offenders from going to market with their catches and sending them to jail instead.
  2. bajadores
  3. balusterlike
    • 2008 February 15, Wendy Moonan, “Remembering a Woman of Very Original Tastes”, New York Times:
      Mr. Passebon is showing whimsical pieces, like a pair of vintage white-lacquered metal garden chairs that are a confection of swirls and flowers, and more serious fare, like a pair of Napoleon III miniature seats upholstered in blue velvet with gilded faux bamboo legs and low, balusterlike round backs, also carved and gilded, in imitation of beaded fringe.
  4. banjophobes
  5. fractionalized
  6. handyperson
    • 2008 February 15, Susan Morgan, “Off the Set, Into the Desert”, New York Times:
      But Ms. Tynan, the family’s acknowledged handyperson, quickly realized that she wasn’t going to be able to assemble a kit home “with a glue gun and a wrench.”
  7. harmolodic
    • 2008 February 15, The New York Times, “Jazz Listings”, New York Times:
      FREE FORM FUNKY FREQS (Friday) This free-funk power trio, which recently released its self-titled debut on the Thirsty Ear label, consists of the guitarist Vernon Reid, the bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and the drummer G. Calvin Weston, students of the harmolodic philosophies of Ornette Coleman , who might almost be considered a phantom member of the group.
  8. janga
  9. liberatingly
    • 2008 February 15, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      ‘NINA IN POSITION’ Maybe as fallout from last summer’s liberatingly eccentric Documenta 12, we’ve seen a handful of intriguing and enigmatic group shows in New York this season, spun around opaque themes and designed to generate psychic atmosphere.
  10. microstamping
    • 2008 February 15, “A Crime-Fighting Opportunity”, New York Times:
      The measure’s law enforcement value would grow over time, as older guns get replaced with new models equipped with microstamping.
  11. miniretrospective
    • 2008 February 15, Roberta Smith, “Rounding Up the Usual Suspects”, New York Times:
      The Koons display would make a nice miniretrospective spread out among several smaller galleries, but in one open space it looks chaotic, like a one-artist sculpture park crossed with a don’t-touch playground.
  12. monzogranite
    • 2008 February 15, Susan Morgan, “Off the Set, Into the Desert”, New York Times:
      Just down the road is the western entrance to Joshua Tree National Park , an 800,000-acre preserve in an otherworldly monzogranite rock scape between the Mojave and Colorado Deserts.
  13. multidose
  14. nonadmission
  15. nonencounters
  16. nonlucrative
    • 2008 February 15, Susan Dominus, “A Co-op for $14,000? It’s No Fiction”, New York Times:
      Like so many other single New Yorkers who stubbornly persist in pursuing fulfilling but decidedly nonlucrative careers, Matthew Thomas, a 32-year-old aspiring novelist, endured a housing history defined by transience and tests of endurance.
  17. nonnews
    • 2008 February 15, Richard Pez-Pe, “The Times to Cut 100 News Jobs”, New York Times:
      The New York Times Company has made significant cuts in the newsrooms of some of its other properties, including The Boston Globe, as well as in nonnews operations.
  18. pictorialism
    • 2008 February 15, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      RUBIN MUSEUM OF ART: ‘BHUTAN, THE SACRED WITHIN: PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENRO IZU,’ These black-and-white portraits and landscapes, taken over the past five years, fall somewhere between photojournalism and pictorialism. Mr. Izu has not only made an earnest attempt to document the rarefied air of the Himalayas and the spiritual intensity of the Bhutanese; he has also enhanced them through a sensual printing process. Mr. Izu contends with a custom-made 300-pound camera that he brings on steep treks through the Himalayas.
  19. reliquaries
    • 2008 February 15, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      European, Asian and African reliquaries sit side by side in the first gallery; then some of the world’s greatest Fang and Kota sculptures take over and sweep through to the end.
  20. retarget
  21. sarcophaguslike
    • 2008 February 15, Roberta Smith, “Rounding Up the Usual Suspects”, New York Times:
      The assembled works span from an eerily sarcophaguslike stack of Hoover floor polishers (1981-87) to a hyperrealist painting dated 2008.
  22. shoeprints
  23. truckmaking
    • 2008 February 15, Bloomberg News, “Profit at Daimler After Chrysler Sale”, New York Times:
      Chrysler’s disposal last year will let Daimler focus on improving profitability at remaining divisions, including truckmaking and vehicle finance, Mr. Zetsche said.
  24. unorthodoxy
    • 2008 February 15, Ken Johnson, “Striking When the Spirit Was Hot”, New York Times:
      Where Ms. Rosler’s works exert a fervent but predictable didacticism, Ms. Wilding’s environment conveys an infectious unorthodoxy, a relief from the hierarchical rule of modernist aesthetics over previous decades.
  25. vaselike
    • 2008 February 15, Ken Johnson, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Her slender shoulders and vaselike neck are accentuated by a scoop-neck dress.
  26. wallpaperlike
    • 2008 February 15, Roberta Smith, “Rounding Up the Usual Suspects”, New York Times:
      In it four images of a stunningly beautiful, scantily clad blonde are set against a wallpaperlike expanse of the splintery images of H. C. Westermann — an excellent artist who is not on many collectors’ must-have lists these days.


  1. schmassical