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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-02-20 issue of the New York Times (2009-03-03).

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100302 tokens ‧ 74418 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8967 types ‧ 32 (~ 0.357%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. armorlike
    • 2008 February 20, Andrew Martin, “Stumping for Shelf Space”, New York Times:
      It requires a gift for schmoozing, a comfortable pair of shoes and armorlike skin.
  2. canaiolo
    • 2008 February 20, Eric Asimov, “Chianti Steps Out of Its Straw Skirt”, New York Times:
      The remainder can be made up of indigenous grapes like canaiolo and colorino, or international varieties like cabernet, syrah or merlot.
  3. castlettes
    • 2008 February 20, Leslie Eaton, “Slowdown Hits Towns at Outskirts of Texas Boom”, New York Times:
      LAVON, Tex. — Once little more than a speed trap 25 miles northeast of Dallas, this town started to boom about a year ago, as turreted stone castlettes and modest brick bungalows began springing up in what had been wheat fields.
  4. colorino *
    • 2008 February 20, Eric Asimov, “Chianti Steps Out of Its Straw Skirt”, New York Times:
      The remainder can be made up of indigenous grapes like canaiolo and colorino, or international varieties like cabernet, syrah or merlot.
  5. communalism
    • 2008 February 20, Dan Fost, “They're Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side”, New York Times:
      While some have grown-up-sounding names, most seem connected somewhere between the communalism of the 1960s and the whimsy of the dot-com days of the ’90s, like the Hive Cooperative in Denver, Office Nomads in Seattle, Nutopia Workspace in Lower Manhattan and Independents Hall in Philadelphia.
  6. coworking
    • 2008 February 20, Dan Fost, “They're Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side”, New York Times:
      Some companies, like Citizen Agency, a San Francisco Internet consulting firm that has done the most to evangelize coworking, have an open-door policy, in which people rent desks but others are free to drop in and use the Wi-Fi or the conference room.
  7. crotales
    • 2008 February 20, Steve Smith, “Birds Sing, Glasses Wail, Storms Rage, Seas Toss”, New York Times:
      In “Es Klinget,” inspired by Papageno’s glockenspiel, Mr. Aomori produced sustained vibraphone lines with soft mallets and also used these to rap on harder mallets, suspended on stands, to punctuate high, shimmering crotales.
  8. granolas
    • 2008 February 20, Lisa Napoli, “With These Nutrition Bars, Every Order Is Special”, New York Times:
      Ten years ago, Ms. Bise started making her own nutrition bars at home, using pure, mostly organic ingredients like soy-nut butters, nuts, granolas and dried fruits.
  9. gribenes
    • 2008 February 20, “Letters”, New York Times:
      But the only gribenes I ate growing up came from my grandmother’s South Beach kitchen.
  10. mirliton
    • 2008 February 20, Mimi Read, “Life as a Repast, Not Yet Complete”, New York Times:
      Her earliest memories have always been of hunger and food, especially her beloved grandfather’s gumbo, mirliton casserole studded with lump crab meat, and spicy crayfish bisque floating with stuffed crayfish heads.
  11. mozzarellas
  12. noncocoa
    • 2008 February 20, “Letters”, New York Times:
      Part of the reason the European Union and United States regulators are considering allowing more noncocoa butter into what is legally called chocolate is the pressure large chocolate companies are exerting in order to cut their costs by substituting much less expensive vegetable fats.
  13. nondigital
    • 2008 February 20, Dennis Hevesi, “Morton J. Savada, 85, Seller of 78-R.P.M. Records, Dies”, New York Times:
      Morton J. Savada, who lined the narrow aisles of his store in Midtown Manhattan with nearly a quarter of a million 78-r.p.m. records, offering devotees of King Oliver, Ma Rainey, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman the chance to hear the original sound of nondigital discography, died at his home in Harrison, N.Y., on Feb. 11.
  14. overinvesting
  15. peplums
    • 2008 February 20, Cathy Horyn, “What Does Simplicity Mean? It’s Complicated”, New York Times:
      So, like Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons and perhaps like Azzedine Alaïa , Ms. Prada took a single idea and stayed with it, working the black and beige lace (or orange and blue lace) into coats and slim dresses and tops with stiff satin peplums, all over bodysuits or white cotton shirts.
  16. postnup
    • 2008 February 20, Deborah L. Jacobs, “Making the Breakup Much Easier”, New York Times:
      Such tangles and many others can be avoided with a buy-sell agreement — basically a business prenup or a postnup, depending on when owners draw it up.
  17. prebreak
    • 2008 February 20, Mike Ogle, “Well-Rested Knicks Show Some Fight in Overtime”, New York Times:
      The Knicks’ prebreak ineptitude appeared set to continue on the game’s first possession, which ended with a shot-clock violation as Jamal Crawford air-balled a desperate 3-pointer.
  18. prescheduled
    • 2008 February 20, Dee Gill, “It’s on to Plan B as a Hot Trend Cools Off”, New York Times:
      Finding themselves ill prepared to offer such convenience in the context of a business model built on prescheduled two-hour sessions, meal assembly owners are trying to find new ways to bring ready-to-cook meals to the masses.
  19. restitutions
    • 2008 February 20, Steven Erlanger, “Stolen Art on Display in a Search for Owners”, New York Times:
      The display is drawn from some 1,200 works collated by the Jewish Restitution Service Organization, charged by the United States to gather looted art from Germany after the more obvious postwar restitutions had been made.
  20. risottolike
    • 2008 February 20, Mark Bittman, “Rice, Across Its Full Spectrum”, New York Times:
      Beyond that, I like the standard short-grain brown rice, which is the one to use for risottolike dishes, and which can be fairly creamy.
  21. romesco
  22. rouget
  23. sangiovese *
  24. serrano *
  25. spherification
    • 2008 February 20, Pete Wells, “Eat 300 and Say ‘Spherification’”, New York Times:
      While the Cointreau technology did not strike him as novel, Mr. Freeman was curious about the spherification kit the company had put together for bartenders.
  26. spherified
  27. toothsomeness
    • 2008 February 20, Elaine Louie, “One Pot”, New York Times:
      The dish, which has silkiness, crunch and toothsomeness, is eaten at home and is also sold by outdoor vendors in Yangon, the city formerly called Rangoon, in the country formerly called Burma.
  28. trebbiano *
    • 2008 February 20, Eric Asimov, “Chianti Steps Out of Its Straw Skirt”, New York Times:
      In fact, the father of Chianti, Baron Bettino Ricasoli, who codified Chianti production methods in the mid-1800s, called for as much as 30 percent white grapes like trebbiano and malvasia.
  29. unblinkered
  30. uncensorable
  31. unhomogenized


  1. rapa *
    • 2008 February 20, Taras Grescoe, “How to Handle an Invasive Species? Eat It”, New York Times:
      So, next time you’re in the mood for seafood, ask the chef to whip you up a jambalaya (or a fricassee, or a ragout) of rapa whelks and Chinese mitten crabs, or maybe consider blackening up an entirely new species.