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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-03-01 issue of the New York Times (2009-03-03).

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  1. downgradings
  2. fishless
    • 2008 March 1, Peter Kaminsky, “On a Golf Course, Seeking Out the Water Hazards”, New York Times:
      I often have this feeling and, after a few fishless casts, just as often chalk it up to the baseless optimism to which all anglers are perpetually heir.
  3. furbelows
    • 2008 March 1, Gail Collins, “Of Ohio, Texas and Onion Dip”, New York Times:
      While Texas Republicans have a rather straight winner-take-all primary system, the Texas Democrats have added a few curlicues here, a bunch of furbelows there and wound up with something that resembles one of the more unfortunate dresses at the Academy Awards.
  4. hemi *
    • 2008 March 1, Dennis Hevesi, “Boyd Coddington, 63, King of Hot Rods, Dies”, New York Times:
      Lifted from a large crate, an engine supplied by one of the nation’s major car companies would be refitted and slipped into place — perhaps a 350-horse hemi with a four-barrel carb and a supercharger, able to race from zero to 60 in six seconds.
  5. marketwide
  6. nonsinging
    • 2008 March 1, Anthony Tommasini, “The Outsider in Their Midst: Britten’s Tale of the Haunted Misfit”, New York Times:
      In the scene with the endearing apprentice boy (Logan William Erickson, in a nonsinging role) you almost wanted to avert your eyes as Mr. Griffey alternately smothered the child in an embrace, then slapped him to the floor in an unhinged outburst.
  7. penseroso
  8. primaucus
    • 2008 March 1, Gail Collins, “Of Ohio, Texas and Onion Dip”, New York Times:
      The primaucus is a large, featherless bird that feeds on roadkill and ethanol.
  9. semistaged
    • 2008 March 1, Vivien Schweitzer, “A Bride, a Groom and Bellini’s Bel Canto Hurdles”, New York Times:
      Ferruccio Furlanetto, a charismatic veteran Italian bass, joined a remarkably talented young cast for this semistaged performance of “La Sonnambula, a rather silly story illustrated by gorgeous music.
  10. soundworlds
    • 2008 March 1, Alastair Macaulay, “Opening Night of a Portfolio of Premieres and Old Favorites”, New York Times:
      Here, to the Kronos Quartet’s recording of “Nuevo” (a succession of Latin-related soundworlds by seven different composers and ideal for Mr. Taylor’s purposes), a flower girl finds herself caught up in a chain of events that have no logic and no connection to her life.
  11. unrhythmic
    • 2008 March 1, James R. Oestreich, “Rhythm in Abundance, With a Spirit of Adventure”, New York Times:
      The Shaggs, by contrast, were merely blessedly unrhythmic in their recording of “Philosophy of the World” and in Gavin Chuck’s riff on it here.
  12. uprootedness
    • 2008 March 1, James R. Oestreich, “Rhythm in Abundance, With a Spirit of Adventure”, New York Times:
      Regularity of rhythm came under assault from modernists in the last century, and its frequent absence accounts substantially for a sense of uprootedness and anxiety in their music that is more often attributed to atonal melody or harmony.
  13. videocameras
    • 2008 March 1, Jim Dwyer, “Outlining an Operation That Preyed on Builders”, New York Times:
      The Committee is actually registered as a business, the authorities said, a thread from the spool of legitimacy to go along with the hard hats, the clipboards and the videocameras.
  14. wonkishness
    • 2008 March 1, “After All That, They’re Still Standing”, New York Times:
      As a middle-aged woman who prefers wonkishness to what I am told is soul-lifting inspiration when it comes to politics (if that choice be necessary), I will happily pull the lever for Mr. Obama should he end up being the candidate.
  15. workhorselike
    • 2008 March 1, Harvey Araton, “Ever Loyal, Yao Risks His Career”, New York Times:
      An All-Star, in fact, prominent in the discussion of the sport’s best centers, this season averaging a workhorselike 37.2 minutes a game despite warnings that the N.B.A. grind, combined with Yao’s national team service, was well into the process of breaking him down.