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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-04-11 issue of the New York Times (2009-03-13).

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  1. bathroomgoers
    • 2008 April 11, Randy Kennedy, “At the Modern, Art in a New York Minute”, New York Times:
      The exhibition lasted only from 6 to 6:26 p.m., the artists said, because a security guard, alerted by concerned bathroomgoers, showed up and tapped on Mr. Hartshorn’s shower curtain.
  2. brookies
    • 2008 April 11, Diane Mehta, “Antiques and Classic New England Peace and Quiet”, New York Times:
      And there’s plenty of fishing , says Woody Mosch, a devoted fly-fisherman and furniture maker in nearby Bethlehem, “whether you’re into fishing for the stock to take home for dinner, or really getting off the beaten path for the little native brookies still alive and well in feeder streams through northern Woodbury and Bethlehem.”
  3. cheertastic
    • 2008 April 11, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      ★ AVRIL LAVIGNE (Friday) There’s no shortage of cheertastic young women in pop (gimme a Miley Cyrus !), nor of tough gals who know how to rock a guitar riff.
  4. corsetlike
    • 2008 April 11, Karen Crouse, “Scrutiny of Suit Rises as World Records Fall”, New York Times:
      Some have suggested that the corsetlike fit of the LZR suit not only streamlines the body but also engages the central nervous system in ways that previous suits did not.
  5. flamelike
    • 2008 April 11, Jennifer Dunning, “Challenging Dancers, Young and Older”, New York Times:
      The Egyptian goddess of magic and healing is played by Fang-Yi Sheu, though none of her flamelike quality comes through in the solo.
  6. freestyles
  7. hippocampically
    • 2008 April 11, David Brooks, “The Great Forgetting”, New York Times:
      On the other side are those of us suffering the normal effects of time, living in the hippocampically challenged community that is one step away from leaving the stove on all day.
  8. illustrational
    • 2008 April 11, Ken Johnson, Roberta Smith And Karen Rosenberg, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Their moments of violence refer more clearly to terrorism, and their references to the Dadaists — those artistic terrorists — have increased and sharpened, but their illustrational style is tedious.
  9. klezmerish
    • 2008 April 11, Jennifer Dunning, “Challenging Dancers, Young and Older”, New York Times:
      The program also included “Quickstep,” a new dance for the children, which began with an oddly meandering solo for the charismatic Jeremy Summerville and included a precision-running romp for 15 other boys, to delicious klezmerish music by Steve Martland.
  10. minicollections
    • 2008 April 11, Carol Vogel, “2 Plucky Collectors, 50 Lucky Museums”, New York Times:
      The Institute of Museum and Library Services is paying to pack and ship the works; it will also sponsor a Web site — — about the minicollections.
  11. mininuggets
    • 2008 April 11, Richard Sandomir, “Newcomer ESPN Tiptoes Carefully Into the Booth”, New York Times:
      ESPN’s reverence was exemplified in a syrupy promo — in long form and sliced into mininuggets — narrated with something close to piety by the actor Thomas Haden Church that gave glimpses of the Augusta terrain as a golfer prepared to tee off.
  12. nongolfers
    • 2008 April 11, Bethany Lyttle, “Life by the Links? Join the Club”, New York Times:
      In part, this is because developers have been aggressive about attracting nongolfers.
  13. oystering
  14. phantomlike
    • 2008 April 11, Jeffrey Gettleman, “Ugandan Rebels Delay Peace Deal”, New York Times:
      NAIROBI, Kenya — Joseph Kony , the notorious, phantomlike leader of a brutal rebel army in Uganda , on Thursday delayed signing a landmark peace treaty once again, but Ugandan officials remained hopeful that peace was still close.
  15. popemobile *
  16. pouffed
    • 2008 April 11, Peter Gerstenzang, “Travels With Fido, and His Hair Spray”, New York Times:
      Dogs were being fluffed and pouffed, brushed and coached, often by people whose own hair had been dyed and teased into styles eerily similar to those of their furry familiars.
  17. prefestival
    • 2008 April 11, Jeff Leeds, “Concert Industry Is Banking on a Festive Summer”, New York Times:
      Bonnaroo, held on several hundred acres of Tennessee farmland, where fans camp for the weekend (June 12 to 15), is marketing V.I.P. passes, which include access to a private prefestival party and special restroom and shower facilities, for $1,169.50 per pair.
  18. reorchestrations
    • 2008 April 11, The New York Times, “Classical Music/Opera Listings”, New York Times:
      And given the work’s history of revisions, reorchestrations, cuts, restorations and additions, the possibilities are numerous.
  19. rewrapping
  20. scripturally
  21. shintoism
  22. skinsuits
    • 2008 April 11, Karen Crouse, “Scrutiny of Suit Rises as World Records Fall”, New York Times:
      Furniss pointed out that in 1972, a year before Lycra skinsuits replaced nylon-skirted suits to spark the first swimwear revolution of the modern era, there were 53 world records set.
  23. sparkplug
  24. strongpoint
    • 2008 April 11, Michael R. Gordon, “As Militias Roam Alleys, Iraqi Army Takes Brunt”, New York Times:
      After the ramps of the Strykers were lowered, Second Lt. Adam Bowen sought out his Iraqi counterpart at the battered storefront in the Thawra district that served as an Iraqi strongpoint.
  25. undiscernible
    • 2008 April 11, Nicholas Confessore, “A Little Extra for Legislators to Hand Out”, New York Times:
      In some recent years, traditional member items were handed out the same way, their mysteries and sources undiscernible even to close readers of the state budget.
  26. youngbloods
    • 2008 April 11, Nate Chinen, “Jazz Listings”, New York Times:
      CEDAR WALTON, JAVON JACKSON, CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE, JIMMY COBB (Friday through Sunday) Radiating competence and camaraderie, this quartet calls on a pair of vigorous elder statesmen (Mr. Walton on piano and Mr. Cobb on drums) and a couple of accomplished former youngbloods (Mr. McBride on bass and Mr. Jackson on saxophones).