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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-04-16 issue of the New York Times (2009-03-13).

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91386 tokens ‧ 66502 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8538 types ‧ 26 (~ 0.305%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. cakiness
    • 2008 April 16, Melissa Clark, “Spicy Little Cakes Disguised as Muffins”, New York Times:
      So recently, when a ginger muffin craving hit, I decided to see if I could increase the textural contrast without sacrificing the cakiness.
  2. flowy
    • 2008 April 16, Melena Ryzik, “On a New Album, Not Merely Acting Like a Singer”, New York Times:
      They are still getting their onstage dynamic right: during one show, Ms. Deschanel, dressed in the same flowy gray skirt she later wore to the interview (double-dipping outfits: very indie darling), appeared nervous, barely smiling until nearly the end of the set.
  3. frais *
    • 2008 April 16, Florence Fabricant, “Pedaling Cheeses Across Midtown”, New York Times:
      One cheese available this spring is a Brillat-Savarin frais, a triple cream cheese that is lush and slightly tangy, halfway between cream cheese and fromage blanc: it could be the best schmear your bagel will ever know.
  4. highhat
  5. irrevocability
    • 2008 April 16, “The Limits of the Death Penalty”, New York Times:
      Georgia, the court said “the death penalty, which is unique in its severity and irrevocability, is an excessive penalty for the rapist who, as such, does not take human life.”
  6. knobkerries
  7. knuckleballing
  8. labelmate
    • 2008 April 16, Melena Ryzik, “On a New Album, Not Merely Acting Like a Singer”, New York Times:
      She & Him’s album has sold about 26,000 copies so far, according to Nielsen SoundScan, outpacing the debut of the duo’s labelmate Arcade Fire , said Mac McCaughan, a founder of Merge and the singer for the band Superchunk.
  9. laogai
    • 2008 April 16, George Vecsey, “The Olympics Have Enough Problems”, New York Times:
      These impending — and I choose the word carefully — Summer Games are currently the target of people who rightfully protest policies in Darfur, Tibet, Xinjiang and Chinese labor camps, or laogai.
  10. mandatum
    • 2008 April 16, Kenneth L. Woodward, “God and Man at Notre Dame”, New York Times:
      His predecessor, John Paul II, tried to do this by insisting that Catholic theology professors sign a document called a mandatum affirming their fidelity to the papal teaching.
  11. maror
  12. mythmakers
    • 2008 April 16, Harvey Araton, “Hoping Against Hope for Clean and Quiet Games”, New York Times:
      Probably not, unfortunately, at least not to the extent the Olympic mythmakers would have us believe because the world of international sport tends to represent the world at large fairly well.
  13. paralympic
    • 2008 April 16, Sophia Kishkovsky, “Putin to Take Helm of Party After Leaving the Presidency”, New York Times:
      Yet the scene bore significantly less of the Soviet stamp than did the previous party congress, held in October, when a textile worker and a paralympic athlete appeared on stage and appealed to Mr. Putin to stay on as Russia’s leader.
  14. preannouncing
    • 2008 April 16, Laurie J. Flynn, “Intel Reports Strong Demand for Chips in Quarter”, New York Times:
      “With Intel and A.M.D. both preannouncing this quarter, even for different reasons, there was a concern about a problem in the PC market,” said Cody Acree, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus.
  15. reinterment
  16. stoveside
    • 2008 April 16, Pete Wells, “Too Much Heat in the TV Kitchen?”, New York Times:
      “I’m making a living at it,” said Anthony Bourdain, who parsed the fine points of the stoveside lexicon in his book “Kitchen Confidential.”
  17. subscapularis
    • 2008 April 16, Tyler Kepner, “Yankees to Face the Red Sox Without Chamberlain”, New York Times:
      Posada, who has not started at catcher since last Tuesday because of a small tear in the subscapularis muscle of his shoulder, said he felt better than he did Monday and was closer to returning to the field.
  18. superpowered
    • 2008 April 16, Harvey Araton, “Hoping Against Hope for Clean and Quiet Games”, New York Times:
      If the Krzyzewski-coached men’s basketball soldiers of N.B.A. fortune can check their superpowered egos and personal agendas at the airport while trying to retake the gold next summer, if Kobe and LeBron can share the rock, can’t the Chinese improve their record on human rights?
  19. supersoldier
  20. troubadourism
  21. unironically
  22. unleased
    • 2008 April 16, Eugene L. Meyer, “New Ballpark in Washington Anchors an Area’s Revival”, New York Times:
      “It takes a long time,” he said during a party on the night of the opening game held on the top floor of a new but unleased 10-story office building that his firm built a block from the stadium.
  23. unpalatability
    • 2008 April 16, Nicholas Confessore, “Clinton for Governor? Democrats Dismiss Rumblings”, New York Times:
      Even hypothetically, she would face any number of obstacles, starting with the practical and political unpalatability of running against the incumbent, David A. Paterson , who despite early stumbles remains a well-liked fellow Democrat and is New York’s first black governor.
  24. wimpiness
    • 2008 April 16, Maureen Dowd, “Eggheads and Cheese Balls”, New York Times:
      What turns off voters is the detached egghead quality that they tend to equate with a wimpiness, wordiness and a lack of action — the same quality that got the professorial and superior Adlai Stevenson mocked by critics as Adelaide.
  25. xenophobics
    • 2008 April 16, “Don’t Give Up on the Games, or Olympic Ideals”, New York Times:
      So Buzz Bissinger sees fit that we give up on the ideal of Olympism and give in to xenophobics, terrorists, drug abusers, profiteers and human rights abusers?