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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-05-17 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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71996 tokens ‧ 53170 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 7445 types ‧ 12 (~ 0.161%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. jerrin
    • 2008 May 17, Jeffrey Gettleman, “Famine Looms as Wars Rend Horn of Africa”, New York Times:
      Many Somalis are trying to stave off starvation with a thin gruel made from mashed thorn-tree branches called jerrin.
  2. malling
    • 2008 May 17, Andrew E. Kramer, “In Siberia, Shopping Malls Are Sprouting All Over”, New York Times:
      The malling of Siberia is transforming the drab gray landscape on the outskirts of these cities into a tableau of Day-Glo green and purple outlets, and providing a slim ray of hope to retailers whose business is lagging elsewhere.
  3. midcampaign
    • 2008 May 17, David D. Kirkpatrick, “In Effort to Avoid Conflicts, McCain Issues New Rules for Staff”, New York Times:
      The midcampaign staff review underscores the difficulties Mr. McCain is having in trying to build his Republican presidential campaign around his crusades for tighter ethics rules and pledges to avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest.
  4. nonmarriage
  5. nonpetroleum
    • 2008 May 17, Floyd Norris, “It’s Not Just Petroleum, All Imports Cost More”, New York Times:
      The impact can be seen in the chart, which shows the 12-month change in the Consumer Price Index, excluding energy, and the 12-month change in prices for nonpetroleum imports.
  6. nonroutine
  7. reincarcerations
    • 2008 May 17, Erik Eckholm, “New Tack on Straying Parolees Offers a Hand Instead of Cuffs”, New York Times:
      Today, Kansas is a leader in a spreading national effort to make parole more effective and useful — to reduce violations and reincarcerations as it protects the public and seeks to help more offenders go straight. Mr. Kemp’s parole officer is keeping close tabs on him, but instead of sending him for a punitive stretch behind bars, he required Mr. Kemp to attend a substance-abuse program, made sure he had a stable home with a relative and helped him get a job with a construction company.
  8. strangulating
    • 2008 May 17, Ken Belson, “In New York, Debating a Flat Tax on Gasoline”, New York Times:
      “The bulk of our budget is funded on property taxes, which have been escalating and strangulating people,” said Benjamin T. Dublin, the director of intergovernmental relations in the Onondaga County executive’s office.
  9. surveylike
    • 2008 May 17, Edward Rothstein, “Rethinking Locally: New Jersey Opens Big Museum Doors Again”, New York Times:
      The miscellaneous effect and the surveylike approach also reflect the ambitions of many local museums in the early 21st century: honoring a region’s eclectic communities and welcoming their visitors.
  10. urbanscapes
    • 2008 May 17, Edward Rothstein, “Rethinking Locally: New Jersey Opens Big Museum Doors Again”, New York Times:
      And the museum’s reopening presentations are relatively modest: a new 6,000-square-foot exhibition, “Culture in Context: A Tapestry of Expression,” and a selection of landscapes and urbanscapes from the museum’s fine-arts collection broadly titled “The World Around Us.”
  11. wanding
    • 2008 May 17, Amy Zipkin, “Smoothing the Rides on Greyhound”, New York Times:
      We do periodically screen for prohibited items through a wanding program supported by the Department of Homeland Security .