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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-12-26 issue of the New York Times.

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  1. antifolk
    (Petrusich) KIMYA DAWSON (Friday) A veteran of the scrappy antifolk circuit with stream-of-consciousness songs that balance the caustic and the childlike, Kimya Dawson is the last person you’d expect to be tangled up in Hollywood fame
  2. bouillabaisse
    MARSEILLE, France — Marseille prides itself on being a port city, a rough melting pot of differences rather like its signature dish, bouillabaisse, which combines various fish, some very expensive and some considered just a cut above trash
  3. defibrillators
    Philips also sells cardiac home monitors that transmit data to a doctor’s office, home defibrillators and a variety of out-patient monitoring systems for assisted living operations
  4. eave
    Water runs down, then refreezes at the eave and then becomes the dam that the water doesn’t move past anymore.” A result is that a little wall of ice builds up at the edge, and when ice and snow behind it melts and refreezes and melts and refreezes, it is pushed back, up and under the shingles or slate, leaking into seams and potentially tearing up the roof
  5. fictionalizer
    Keneally writes, because: “I felt that in Schindler I had written as a novelist, with a novelist’s narrative pace and graphicness, though not in the sense of a fictionalizer
  6. frontcourt
    He missed the first 17 games of the season with a broken left leg and seemed useful in the Knicks’ threadbare frontcourt in the six games he did play
  7. graphicness
    Keneally writes, because: “I felt that in Schindler I had written as a novelist, with a novelist’s narrative pace and graphicness, though not in the sense of a fictionalizer
  8. inbounded
    After a timeout, Hill inbounded the ball to Amare Stoudemire, then ran to the baseline and toward the basket, where Stoudemire found him for the uncontested layup
  9. intradivision
    He can still pick the Green Bay Packers , and they are hosting the winless Lions, but intradivision games make him nervous
  10. lifejackets
    And you can smell the sewage from the sewage outflow sometimes.” Ben DeVoe, 25, an artist and landscape gardener, left a shared apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, two months ago, cleaning out the lifejackets to bunk in a storage room
  11. midcentury
    HARRY ALLEN QUARTET (Friday and Saturday) Ebullient swing is always a priority for the tenor saxophonist Harry Allen, who exerts a breezy familiarity with midcentury modern conventions
  12. minibonds
    Retail investors in Asia vacuumed up minibonds earlier in 2008, attracted by the fact these instruments, supposedly backed by a lineup of “safe” banks, had a higher-than-normal yield and were available in small amounts
  13. oompah
    Translating Eastern European cabaret to the Lower East Side, the band’s songs work up to a frenetic oompah that’s the makings of a rowdy party
  14. overearnest
    (Zinoman) ‘THE CASTLE’ Four ex-convicts tell how they returned to society in this simple and fascinating, if at times overearnest, production
  15. picaresquely
    Keneally declares in his appealing if slight new memoir, “come from the lips of a soul so vivid, so picaresquely Eastern European, so endowed with baritone and basso subtleties of voice and inflection, so engorged with life, as Leopold Page/Pfefferberg.” The story that Mr
  16. piragua
    In the series, which is at and on YouTube , Broadway stars like Matthew Morrison of “South Pacific,” Allison Janney of the coming “9 to 5: The Musical” and Cheyenne Jackson of “Xanadu” competed to become the next piragua vendor on “In the Heights.” “
  17. portentousness
    Plying the ritualistic formality and portentousness of Greek tragedy, Mr
  18. praxinoscope
    In the lobby, the theater displays an early projector, a praxinoscope , and there are work rooms for film students and a small studio
  19. reliables
    Goode” and “Maybellene” helped form the bedrock of modern rock ’n’ roll, and in his performances he doesn’t stray far from those reliables
  20. restaurateuring
    Maccioni’s restaurateuring methods
  21. scungilli
    The crowd shared a few dozen clams on the half shell instead of 10 dozen or more, the shrimp cocktails were more modest, the linguini had fewer blue crabs, and there was a bit less scungilli
  22. shoegaze
    The band’s throbbing Jesus and Mary Chain-inspired shoegaze makes liberal use of effects pedals and electronics; while its songs are certainly loud, they’re also curiously lulling
  23. slipcased
    This 400-page slipcased photo essay by the Italian photographer Umberto Barone shows 377 canes that all belong to one California collector who remains anonymous in the book; the captions are by Roberta Maneker
  24. smirky
    (Brantley) * ‘BOEING-BOEING’ Marco Camoletti’s smirky French farce from the 1960s about a triple-timing roué has been given the makeover of the season by the director Matthew Warchus
  25. snakewood
    The canes, mostly made in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, range from folk art wooden poles carved with animal faces to Fabergé snakewood shafts topped in spheres of semiprecious stones inlaid with diamonds
  26. snowmelt
    Next, she added, owners should clear gutters and downspouts so that any snowmelt has somewhere to go
  27. stableboy
    (Brantley) ‘EQUUS’ Peter Shaffer’s upper-middle-brow psychodrama from 1973 returns in Thea Sharrock’s oddly arid revival, enlivened by two fine performances: Daniel Radcliffe makes an impressive Broadway debut as the stableboy who commits crimes against horses, and Richard Griffiths is superb as his ambivalent psychiatrist (2:40)
  28. tukuls
    “Now we live in fear that this peace will fall apart, because we were attacked in our houses.” Kuol Deng Kuol, the paramount tribal chief, said government soldiers burned all 50 of his tukuls, the mud brick huts with conical thatched roofs that dot the countryside here
  29. unjuicy
    (Isherwood) ‘BACK BACK BACK’ A disappointingly unjuicy drama about baseball’s steroids scandal by Itamar Moses
  30. yella
    “They called me yella gal,”
  31. zestily
    Laredo opened this year’s installment zestily, with a fast-paced account of “The Marriage of Figaro” Overture