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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-10 issue of the New York Times.

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  1. aidmen
    • 2009 January 10, Roy Reed, “Charles Morgan Jr., 78, Dies; Leading Civil Rights Lawyer”, New York Times:
      Captain Levy had refused an order to teach dermatology to medical aidmen in Special Forces, known as the Green Berets, saying he considered them “killers of peasants and murderers of women and children.
  2. anticorruption
    • 2009 January 10, Reuters, “Gabon: President’s Critics Charged”, New York Times:
      Those charged included Gregory Ngbwa Mintsa, a plaintiff in a suit brought by anticorruption activists in France that accuses Mr.
  3. antigraft
    • 2009 January 10, Reuters, “Gabon: President’s Critics Charged”, New York Times:
      Gabon charged five journalists and antigraft campaigners on Friday with trying to incite rebellion over a published document heavily criticizing President Omar Bongo’s 41-year rule.
  4. ashlike
    • 2009 January 10, Shaila Dewan, “Waste Spills at Another T.V.A. Power Plant”, New York Times:
      John Wathen, an environmental advocate, flew over the site Friday and said that Widows Creek was inundated with an ashlike substance and that a “mix line” was visible where it met the clearer water of the river.
  5. counterclockwise
    • 2009 January 10, Harry Hurt Iii, “With an Instructor’s Hand, a Miracle on Ice”, New York Times:
      Fifty-odd skaters bundled in winter coats and caps careened counterclockwise around the increasingly chunked-up surface of the rink, most of them demonstrating little or no reliable control.
  6. countersuing
  7. creamware
    • 2009 January 10, Judith Flanders, “They Broke It”, New York Times:
      Its worth was quickly recognized: in 1765, Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III, ordered a creamware tea set.
  8. dancemaker
  9. hornist
    • 2009 January 10, Allan Kozinn, “Period Instruments, Modern Imagination”, New York Times:
      When it opened its 24th season on Thursday evening at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, just about all the New York early-music regulars — the violinist Linda Quan, the violist David Miller, the cellist Myron Lutzke, the flutist Sandra Miller, the oboist Marc Schachman and the hornist R.
  10. itinerancy
    • 2009 January 10, Samuel G. Freedman, “When Serving the Lord, Ministers Are Often Found to Neglect Themselves”, New York Times:
      Methodist ministers in North Carolina earn about $42,000 annually, including their housing allowance, and the denomination’s doctrine of itinerancy means that every year about a quarter of the state’s pastors change congregations.
  11. jetliners
  12. jumpstart
    • 2009 January 10, Steve Friess, “Stimulus Money for a Mob Museum. Got a Problem?”, New York Times:
      � Senator Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican and the minority leader, attacked the museum this week as a kind of localized earmark project that does not belong in legislation Congress passes to jumpstart the flailing economy.
  13. muni
    • 2009 January 10, Mary Williams Walsh, “Regulator of Bonds Wants More Authority”, New York Times:
      Lynnette Kelly Hotchkiss, executive director of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, drew a parallel between the muni market and the mortgage brokerage industry, which Congress is already focused on tightening up in the wake of last year’s housing debacle.
  14. nonseniors
  15. nonstatistical
    • 2009 January 10, Harry Hurt Iii, “With an Instructor’s Hand, a Miracle on Ice”, New York Times:
      In nonstatistical terms, competitive figure skating is dominated by young girls, primarily those with the body types of ballet dancers.
  16. nonteam
    • 2009 January 10, Harry Hurt Iii, “With an Instructor’s Hand, a Miracle on Ice”, New York Times:
      Compared with other nonteam sports like golf, fly fishing, skiing and snowboarding, recreational skating is fairly inexpensive.
  17. outsourcers
    • 2009 January 10, Heather Timmons And Claire Cain Miller, “After a Fraud in India, Government Steps In”, New York Times:
      With the scandal erupting as the red-hot outsourcing industry starts to cool, a chorus of analysts and investors suggested that the government should intervene to make sure Satyam’s clients are not affected and that confidence is restored in the stability of Indian outsourcers.
  18. preclearance
    • 2009 January 10, Adam Liptak, “Supreme Court Takes Voting Rights Case”, New York Times:
      Critics of the law call the preclearance requirement a unique federal intrusion on state sovereignty and a badge of shame for the affected jurisdictions that is no longer justified.
  19. prerecession
  20. spectralism
    • 2009 January 10, Steve Smith, “Contemporary Storm Amid Classical Waves”, New York Times:
      Murail, who has taught composition at Columbia University since 1997, was among the architects of spectralism, a musical style difficult to explain succinctly.
  21. spectralists
    • 2009 January 10, Steve Smith, “Contemporary Storm Amid Classical Waves”, New York Times:
      Taking their lead from Messiaen’s emphasis on timbre and resonance, the spectralists during the 1970s used computers to analyze and map the acoustic properties of sound — the overtones produced by a given note, for instance — and used the information to fashion rich, strange harmonic strata.
  22. suspensefulness
    • 2009 January 10, Alastair Macaulay, “Master of the Pause Had an Unmistakable Sense of Rhythm”, New York Times:
      But “Le Jeune Homme” — set to music by Bach, Pinter’s favorite composer — has something of the suspensefulness, the mixture of menace and eroticism, and the aura of the inexplicable that Pinter was to start putting into his plays more than 10 years later.
  23. uncompassionate
    • 2009 January 10, Charles V. Bagli, “Rainbow Room’s Lease Terminated”, New York Times:
      “Unfortunately, we are dealing with an uncompassionate and greedy landlord who has not made any efforts to resolve our differences in a reasonable manner.
  24. unpayable
  25. unshared
    • 2009 January 10, Billy Witz, “For Resurgent Cardinals, Victory Lap Is in Order”, New York Times:
      Teams that built new stadiums saw these unshared revenue streams skyrocket.


  1. aaaas - onomatopoeic form
  2. rrrrs - onomatopoeic form