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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-19 issue of the New York Times.

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  1. annotater
  2. antirocket
    • 2009 January 19, Ethan Bronner, “Parsing Gains of Gaza War”, New York Times:
      Some 200 were killed instantly, shocking Hamas and indeed all of Gaza, especially because Israel’s antirocket attacks in previous years had been more measured.
  3. bezique
  4. brandade
    • 2009 January 19, Vincent M. Mallozzi, “When the Best Seat in the House Is in Your Home”, New York Times:
      Mr. Fages, who enjoys cooking, greeted them with a large meal he had spent the better part of the day preparing, including cheeses, homemade bread, a fennel and apple salad, Israeli couscous, hummus, tzatziki, codfish brandade, pasta e fagioli with parmesan shavings and dessert.
  5. challengingly
    • 2009 January 19, Janet Maslin, “Smiley Faces in Our Chromosomes”, New York Times:
      “Born to Be Good” suggests that while expanding the relatively new field of affective science, Mr. Keltner is ready and eager to conduct all manner of experiments, whether they are whoopee-cushion silly or challengingly serious.
  6. contextualizing
    • 2009 January 19, Michiko Kakutani, “From Books, a New President Found His Voice”, New York Times:
      But his appreciation of the magic of language and his ardent love of reading have not only endowed him with a rare ability to communicate his ideas to millions of Americans while contextualizing complex ideas about race and religion, they have also shaped his sense of who he is and his apprehension of the world.
  7. extralong
  8. fogless
  9. hutong
    • 2009 January 19, Andrew Jacobs, “Finding Treasures in a City’s Disappearing Past”, New York Times:
      Today, just 1,300 hutong remain, and many more neighborhoods, like the colorful Qianmen district just south of Tiananmen Square, are scheduled for renewal.
  10. insectlike
    • 2009 January 19, Susan Dominus, “Brooklyn’s Buzz-a-Rama is Heaven for Slot-Car Fans”, New York Times:
      The name captured the energy of the hundreds of teenagers and kids who used to crowd into the room on race days, and also the sound of the cars themselves, a high-pitched, insectlike whine — the sound of constant speed.
  11. knockabout
  12. liberalish
    • 2009 January 19, Brian Stelter, “Fox News Primes Itself for a Shift”, New York Times:
      “Fox is in a much better position with a liberalish Democrat in the White House than they were with a Republican,” said Eric Alterman , the media columnist for The Nation magazine.
  13. microvariations
    • 2009 January 19, Jon Caramanica And Nate Chinen, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      Taking cues from cabaret and Broadway and blues and gospel, his voice is spookily beautiful, but it’s constantly on the move, with microvariations in pitch and tone that keep the ear on edge.
  14. midheight
  15. multisection
    • 2009 January 19, Jon Caramanica And Nate Chinen, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      “We believe there’s something here worth dying for,” he declares in the album’s 12-minute, multisection title track, without specifying what that something is.
  16. multivolume
    • 2009 January 19, Michiko Kakutani, “From Books, a New President Found His Voice”, New York Times:
      Later, as a fledgling community organizer in Chicago, he found inspiration in “Parting the Waters,” the first installment of Taylor Branch’s multivolume biography of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  17. nonmonetary
    • 2009 January 19, Jesse Mckinley, “Marriage Ban Donors Feel Exposed by List”, New York Times:
      Church members contributed millions to the “Yes on 8” campaign, and the California Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating accusations that the Mormon leadership neglected to report a battery of nonmonetary contributions, including phone banks, a Web site and online commercials on the behalf of Proposition 8.
  18. nonproof
  19. numbingly
    • 2009 January 19, Karen Crouse, “For Eagles, a Familiar Sense of Dismay”, New York Times:
      While he normally is numbingly dependable, his streak of 155 consecutive extra points ended in the third quarter; he had missed a 47-yard field-goal attempt in the second.
  20. playings
    • 2009 January 19, Edward Wyatt, “‘Big Love’ Gets a Big Tie to Real World”, New York Times:
      Some of the missing viewers apparently moved their viewing to other nights; the Nielsen figures show that average viewership across all playings fell by only 40 percent and that total viewership of the entire season’s episodes fell by only 20 percent.
  21. preinaugural
    • 2009 January 19, Chris Museler, “Cold Case: The Sound of Carbon for Yo-Yo Ma?”, New York Times:
      Senior Master Sgt. Bill Hones, a member of the Joint Service Orchestra, rehearsing on a carbon-fiber cello for the preinaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday.
  22. salvagers
    • 2009 January 19, Matthew L. Wald And Al Baker, “Cockpit Tape Reveals Thumps, Engine Loss and a ‘Mayday’”, New York Times:
      The fuel tank in the right wing has a small leak, and investigators and salvagers decided to empty it before moving the barge to a Jersey City marina, where it was to be inspected by investigators.
  23. symphonist
    • 2009 January 19, James R. Oestreich, “Bernstein Festival Far From the Hudson”, New York Times:
      Always more a colorist than a symphonist, Bernstein nevertheless created a powerful statement in the symphony’s three movements: Prophecy, Profanation and Lamentation.
  24. tangolike
  25. violas
    • 2009 January 19, Chris Museler, “Cold Case: The Sound of Carbon for Yo-Yo Ma?”, New York Times:
      At the “We Are One” concert at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, the entire Joint Service Orchestra string section — 44 musicians in all — played the company’s carbon-fiber cellos, violins, violas and basses.


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