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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-26 issue of the New York Times.

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  1. antistimulus
    • 2009 January 26, Paul Krugman, “Bad Faith Economics”, New York Times:
      These are only some of the fundamentally fraudulent antistimulus arguments out there.
  2. baseliner
    • 2009 January 26, The Associated Press, “Not Done Yet: Federer Reaches Quarterfinals”, New York Times:
      Azarenka, an elegant power baseliner, was the steadier force early on, winning the opening set by 6-3 as Williams vented her frustration.
  3. embattlement
  4. illiberalism
    • 2009 January 26, William Kristol, “Will Obama Save Liberalism?”, New York Times:
      In 1978, the Harvard political philosopher Harvey Mansfield diagnosed the malady: “From having been the aggressive doctrine of vigorous, spirited men, liberalism has become hardly more than a trembling in the presence of illiberalism.
  5. jihadism
    • 2009 January 26, William Kristol, “Will Obama Save Liberalism?”, New York Times:
      Conservatives have been right more often than not — and more often than liberals — about most of the important issues of the day: about Communism and jihadism, crime and welfare, education and the family.
  6. mothership
    • 2009 January 26, David Carr, “Hollywood Now Cast as Sensible”, New York Times:
      The studios almost all report to media conglomerates back east like Viacom, NBC Universal (owned by General Electric ) Time Warner and the News Corporation , and they’re being asked to ship more money back to the faltering mothership.
  7. namedrops
    • 2009 January 26, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      He namedrops the Thundercats, Punky Brewster and “hammerhead sharks in Bermuda,” describes his car as looking “like Almond Joy” and taunts, on “Ain’t I (remix),” “The choppers in the trunk will make you do the Macarena.”
  8. nerderati
    • 2009 January 26, David Carr, “Sundance Toasts an Early Online Life”, New York Times:
      At the offices of Pseudo at 600 Broadway in SoHo, his legendary parties brought together the nerderati and the downtown art set.
  9. oscillograph
    • 2009 January 26, Dennis Hevesi, “J. Lamar Worzel, Expert on Ocean’s Depths, Dies at 89”, New York Times:
      With Dr. Ewing brainstorming and Dr. Worzel leading the designers, the team slapped together precursors of more precisely manufactured measuring devices: a camera to take photos thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface, with a coffee-can lid for a flash reflector and a thick, diner-style drinking glass as its casing; a seismograph timed by a modified railroad pocket watch; an oscillograph, to record electrical changes, run by a motor from a toy electric train.
  10. ostinatos
  11. partscores
    • 2009 January 26, Phillip Alder, “Few Bids but Many Decisions”, New York Times:
      One-level partscores rarely make good column deals, but this is an exception.
  12. pointillistically
    • 2009 January 26, Allan Kozinn, “Taking Atonal Looks Back as a Composer Turns 90”, New York Times:
      And the concert ended with the Concerto for Violin, Cello, 10 Winds and Percussion (1960), a kaleidoscopic piece in which the flowing violin and cello lines are set against ensemble writing that begins pointillistically but quickly becomes a solid, unified force engaged in a lively give and take with the soloists.
  13. poststrike
    • 2009 January 26, Bill Carter, “New on the Networks: Safe Formulas From the Past”, New York Times:
      Hopes for a better winter and spring — and fall — rest with a lineup of new series, a batch that the networks believe will benefit from the full efforts of writers poststrike.
  14. recohere
  15. slopestyle
  16. staredown
  17. supportively
  18. thieboudienne
  19. whispery
    • 2009 January 26, Jon Pareles, “From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, the Electro-Pop Wizard of a Fragile Dream World”, New York Times:
      In a set that drew mostly on songs from the band’s 2008 album, “Saturdays = Youth” (M83 Productions/Mute), the whispery soprano of Morgan Kibby, who also plays keyboards and collaborates on songwriting, often hovered an octave above Mr. Gonzalez’s voice.
  20. yestermonth