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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-31 issue of the New York Times (2009-01-31).

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  1. cantina
    • 2009 January 31, Alan Feuer, “It’s Theirs and They’re Not Apologizing”, New York Times:
      Meanwhile, around the corner, Larry Meyers and Gerard Novello, who work for an Italian securities firm, ducked into a Mexican cantina for a drink.
  2. expulsionist
    • 2009 January 31, “Listening to Ms. Gillibrand”, New York Times:
      She allied herself solidly with expulsionist Republicans, who reject assimilation in favor of locking down the border, deporting 12 million illegal immigrants and enshrining English as America’s one true tongue.
  3. frowny
  4. gamelanlike
    • 2009 January 31, Allan Kozinn, “Sounds of California, Varied and Vivacious”, New York Times:
      And this trio accomplishes its culture-crossing appealingly, with a violin line that sings and occasionally soars over the gracefully repeating and expanding gamelanlike melodies in the piano and percussion.
  5. garbageman
    • 2009 January 31, Adam Nossiter, “The Smell of Success in the Quarter May Change”, New York Times:
      That immemorial stench has been mostly a bad memory for the last two years, though, thanks to Sidney D. Torres IV, a stylish garbageman whose vigorous sweeping and spraying broke the unloved tradition, astonishing citizens here.
  6. kegerator
    • 2009 January 31, Leslie Kaufman, “Utilities Turn Their Customers Green, With Envy”, New York Times:
      For example, Tamara Kaestner, 36, who lives with her husband in nearby Folsom, Calif., said that since receiving her first personalized statement, she had bought a new energy-efficient washer and dryer, put her lights on timers and unplugged her kegerator — a cooler for draft beer.
  7. longbeards
    • 2009 January 31, Glenn Collins, “A Slow New York Passage, Up to Organic Food”, New York Times:
      For those who have never navigated “Fairways,” as some longbeards call the original store — there are satellites in Harlem and Brooklyn and on Long Island, with another planned for New Jersey — it is a low-ceilinged warren under pitiless fluorescents.
  8. misdefending
  9. misguess
  10. mushball
  11. postdunk
    • 2009 January 31, David Waldstein, “An Unpredictable Catalyst Powers the Knicks’ Surge”, New York Times:
      None of his teammates expressed dismay for his postdunk antics, with the qualifiers that the dunk was successful, did not result in any reproach from the referees or the Hawks, and the Knicks won.
  12. postmatch
    • 2009 January 31, Christopher Clarey, “Nadal Survives to Face Federer”, New York Times:
      At his postmatch news conference, Nadal said he had back cramps and acknowledged that Federer would likely be fresher physically, but he declined to complain or lobby for a change in Australian Open scheduling policies.
  13. preflavored
  14. pressroom
  15. remodelings
  16. rootlessness
  17. salesroom
    • 2009 January 31, Carol Vogel, “Hard Times Hit Houses Where Art Meets Cash”, New York Times:
      Yet that difference can largely be explained by the lower-priced salesroom that Christie’s operates in South Kensington in London, which attracts thousands of collectors with a continuous schedule of sales and regularly scoops up the chattel of English country-house estates.
  18. salo
    • 2009 January 31, Michael Schwirtz, “Russia and Cuba Take Steps to Revive a Bond”, New York Times:
      At an informal gathering at Mr. Medvedev’s country home on Thursday, Mr. Castro waxed nostalgic, recounting the time he and Soviet comrades sat around a campfire in the forest eating salo, the cured pig fat that is a staple chaser of Russian vodka.
  19. touchscreen
    • 2009 January 31, Ashlee Vance, “Smartphone From Dell? Just Maybe”, New York Times:
      The slick touchscreen on Apple ’s iPhone turned consumers on to phones as pocket-size Web portals.
  20. ultratraditionalist
    • 2009 January 31, Peter Steinfels, “The Holocaust Furor and the U.S. Bishops”, New York Times:
      Even Catholics who understand the priority that church leaders always give to healing any formal schism that can perpetuate itself are puzzling over the Vatican’s extraordinary solicitude for this relatively small ultratraditionalist sect.