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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-07 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-07).

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  1. depressionlike
    • 2009 February 7, Edmund L. Andrews, “Economy Shed 598,000 Jobs in January”, New York Times:
      “The sweep of the losses, the extent of them and the speed are depressionlike, and by that I mean like the 1930s,” said Allen Sinai, chief economist at Decision Economics, an economic forecasting firm in Lexington, Mass.
  2. foodshed
  3. gassings
    • 2009 February 7, Ginia Bellafante, “Presidential Death, Unseen Conspiracy”, New York Times:
      We don’t even get to find out what she thought about No Child Left Behind before her docile vice president has taken over, and her brother, a Republican governor, has mounted an electoral bid against him, guaranteeing an America safe from the now-rampant subway gassings and tunnel bombs.
  4. lugers
  5. midfloor
  6. nonemergencies
    • 2009 February 7, Sam Roberts, “How Long to Fix a New York Streetlight?”, New York Times:
      So it began, smoothly enough, as one of the 50,000 or so daily complaints to New York’s call center for nonemergencies.
  7. nonerect
  8. nontransgenic
    • 2009 February 7, Andrew Pollack, “F.D.A. Approves Drug From Gene-Altered Goats”, New York Times:
      Mr. Newberry said that none of the goats in the herd, including nontransgenic ones used as surrogate mothers, would be allowed in the food supply.
  9. outpolled
    • 2009 February 7, Celia W. Dugger, “Treason Charge for Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Is Dropped”, New York Times:
      Morgan Tsvangirai , the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, is to become prime minister next week in a government in which Mr. Mugabe will remain president, an awkward pairing of deeply mistrustful rivals. Mr. Tsvangirai outpolled Mr. Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980, in elections last March, but withdrew from a discredited runoff after thousands of his supporters were attacked by state security agents.
  10. timbering
    • 2009 February 7, John M. Broder, “Environmental Views, Past and Present”, New York Times:
      In the eight years of his tenure, he opened vast tracts of public lands to drilling, mining and timbering, earning the enmity of many environmentalists.
  11. voguing