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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-13 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-13).

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  1. antifraud
    • 2009 February 13, Lynnley Browning, “U.S. Seeks New Powers to Fight Tax Evasion”, New York Times:
      As part of the effort, the agency has thrown its weight behind a Senate antifraud bill that, if passed, would make it easier for the agency to apply money-laundering statutes in cases of suspected tax evasion, particularly those involving offshore accounts.
  2. auteurship
    • 2009 February 13, Ginia Bellafante, “A Pitcher’s Life After the Third Strike”, New York Times:
      Mr. Ferrell and Mr. McKay are not involved in the writing of this latest venture — they are executive producers — but the mark of their auteurship is all over it, chiefly in the sweet, quaint life-lesson of an idea that if you go around acting like an entitled idiot, your entitled idiocy is going to rain a plague of misfortune on you, one felt chiefly in downgrades to real estate and audiovisual systems.
  3. bubba
    • 2009 February 13, Ginia Bellafante, “A Pitcher’s Life After the Third Strike”, New York Times:
      Will Ferrell and his creative partner, the writer and director Adam McKay, are, let’s face it, our national poets on the subject of dimwitted, bubba arrogance and the redemptive powers of failure, their poems seemingly conceived in a midnight frenzy of brilliance on the back of a bag of Doritos.
  4. cobweblike
  5. countersuit
    • 2009 February 13, Julie Creswell, “U.S. Agents Scrutinize Texas Firm”, New York Times:
      Stanford, which filed a countersuit against the two men seeking repayment of certain loans, denied the men’s accusations.
  6. enscribed
    • 2009 February 13, Nazila Fathi, “Starting at Home, Iran’s Women Fight for Rights”, New York Times:
      Women’s rights advocates say Iranian women are displaying a growing determination to achieve equal status in this conservative Muslim theocracy, where male supremacy is still enscribed in the legal code.
  7. floridity
    • 2009 February 13, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Little of the erotic floridity, ripe-fruit colors and exotic spiritualizing of that painter’s work is here.
  8. floriography
    • 2009 February 13, “The Sweet Smell of Semantics”, New York Times:
      But the rules of love have shifted, and our floriography needs modernizing as well.
  9. geolocator
  10. geolocators
  11. ikat
    • 2009 February 13, Wendy Moonan, “Glamour Girls for the Middle Class”, New York Times:
      Other noteworthy sales included an Etruscan bronze by Royal-Athena Galleries; a 17th-century Mexican tortoise-shell and mother-of-pearl inlaid chest by Arita Gallery of Buenos Aires; Suzani and ikat textiles by Gallery Afrodit of Ankara, Turkey; and a Tiffany Studios peony lamp from 1900, sold by Macklowe.
  12. monumentality
    • 2009 February 13, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      With her strong, ample body, flawless pink skin and neat patch of reddish pubic hair, she rests on a plane of slightly rippled white fabric that fades into an amorphous white background, which makes her sharply outlined figure stand out with a commanding monumentality.
  13. nonproduction
  14. nonstrike
    • 2009 February 13, Tyler Kepner, “Before Arriving, Rodriguez Rules the Conversation”, New York Times:
      If Rodriguez slumps and the Yankees stumble, pressure will mount on a manager who failed to guide the team to the playoffs in 2008, the first time the Yankees missed the postseason in a nonstrike year since 1993.
  15. outdance
    • 2009 February 13, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      The style can be a little pedantic on record, but in concert it is a sweaty glory, and Ms. Jones has proved again and again that she can outdance any challenger.
  16. overextension
  17. pillarlike
    • 2009 February 13, Roberta Smith, “So Typecast You Could Scream”, New York Times:
      In “Summer Night’s Dream: The Voice” a young woman in a white dress seems frozen in a moment of realization, her stillness echoed by the surrounding trees, her purity balanced by the sun’s pillarlike reflection on a lake.
  18. postpartisan
    • 2009 February 13, Paul Krugman, “Failure to Rise”, New York Times:
      And the politics of the stimulus fight have made nonsense of Mr. Obama’s postpartisan dreams.
  19. reliquaries
    • 2009 February 13, Holland Cotter, “To Bump Off Art as He Knew It”, New York Times:
      And whether you think of those little cans as intellectual puzzles or reliquaries or scams, there are surprises inside.
  20. sniffly
    • 2009 February 13, Nicholas Wade, “Cure for the Common Cold? Not Yet, but Possible”, New York Times:
      Besides alleviating the achy, sniffly misery familiar to everyone, a true cold-fighting drug could be a godsend for the 20 million people who suffer from asthma and the millions of others with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .
  21. underrecognized
    • 2009 February 13, David Carr, “In Praise of Oscar Long Shots”, New York Times:
      Beyond that, “Revolutionary Road” is going underrecognized this season, so partisans of the movie can take satisfaction in his (and its) presence in the finals.
  22. voguing