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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-21 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-21).

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  1. antibonus
    • 2009 February 21, Joe Nocera, “First, Let’s Fix the Bonuses”, New York Times:
      The antibonus amendment applies to any company that has received bailout money (it gets tougher the more money a company has received) — and the only sure way a company can get out from under these new strictures is to give back the taxpayers’ money.
  2. antibranding
    • 2009 February 21, Cathy Horyn, “In the End, Good Design Wins the Week”, New York Times:
      If there is one word that sums up Isaac Mizrahi ’s wonderful helter-skelter collection, it’s antibranding. Mr. Mizrahi doesn’t give a branded look, all predictable.
  3. bandurria
  4. bubblelike
    • 2009 February 21, Cara Buckley, “In the Tents, Most Faces Feature Model Pout”, New York Times:
      But regulars at the twice-yearly shows said that rather than providing escape, as they normally do, the bubblelike tents of Bryant Park were bubbles no more, and were invaded instead by a palpable grimness this year.
  5. disinflationary
    • 2009 February 21, Jack Healy, “Markets Close Lower as Fears Over Banks Persist”, New York Times:
      “It’s not terrible to see a break in the disinflationary spiral we’re in even if such a break is only temporary,” Dan Greenhaus, an analyst with the equity strategy group of Miller Tabak, wrote in a note.
  6. granitelike
  7. maharanas
    • 2009 February 21, Perry Garfinkel, “Hospitality Begins at Home in the Family Palace”, New York Times:
      She was born into a family of Indian royalty, maharanas who call themselves “custodians” over the region surrounding the city of Udaipur in India and who trace their lineage back 1,500 years through 77 generations.
  8. midgame
  9. mothy
    • 2009 February 21, Cathy Horyn, “In the End, Good Design Wins the Week”, New York Times:
      Earlier, Mr. Costa, of Calvin Klein , presented an austere-looking group of stiff and mothy dresses that reflected his research into new fabrics.
  10. motormouthed
    • 2009 February 21, A. O. Scott, “Plus-Size Matriarch’s Stretch in the Slammer”, New York Times:
      And the best parts of “Madea Goes to Jail” — in which the law catches up with this uncompromising, unruly matriarch — are her muttering, motormouthed harangues.
  11. multistoried
    • 2009 February 21, Matias Echanove And Rahul Srivastava, “Taking the Slum Out of ‘Slumdog’”, New York Times:
      In the movie, when the protagonists return to their childhood haunts, they find that multistoried apartments have replaced the old decrepit structures, giving the impression of urban mobility and transformation.
  12. musics
    • 2009 February 21, Ben Sisario, “‘Slumdog’ Fusionist in Oscar Spotlight”, New York Times:
      “He shifted things from a simple East-West mode to a multicultural, global mode, where India and its regional musics are part of a palette of sound from around the world.”
  13. veinlike