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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-28 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-28).

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  1. antireligious
  2. choralelike
  3. crimefighter
    • 2009 February 28, Jeannette Catsoulis, “Looking for Her Father, Finding New Targets for Her Feet”, New York Times:
      Selling the wistfulness is Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li, a tranquil concert pianist turned reluctant crimefighter when her adored father is abducted by a Bangkok baddie (Neal McDonough).
  4. depressionlike
    • 2009 February 28, Peter S. Goodman, “Sharper Downturn Clouds Obama Spending Plans”, New York Times:
      Allen Sinai, chief global economist at the research firm Decision Economics, sees a 20 percent chance of “a depressionlike possibility,” up from 15 percent a week ago.
  5. fragmentariness
    • 2009 February 28, Walter Gibbs, “Norwegian Nobel Laureate, Once Shunned, Is Now Celebrated”, New York Times:
      “The whole school of fiction in the 20th century stems from Hamsun,” Singer wrote in 1967, citing in particular “his subjectiveness, his fragmentariness, his use of flashbacks, his lyricism.”
  6. merchandizing
  7. miniorchestra
    • 2009 February 28, Jon Pareles, “Turf-Sharing, When Indie Met Classical”, New York Times:
      The seven-member Bell Orchestre was indeed a miniorchestra, with strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion along with occasional guitar and analog electronic noise.
  8. motoric
    • 2009 February 28, Jon Pareles, “Turf-Sharing, When Indie Met Classical”, New York Times:
      The concert began with a full-fledged segue from the third movement of Mr. Adams’s “Shaker Loops,” with its weightless, meditative and motoric string patterns, into “Icicles/Bicycles” by Bell Orchestre, featuring a folky violin line and twinkling celeste.
  9. nonmuseum
    • 2009 February 28, Steven Heller, “Noel Martin, 86, Inventive Catalog Designer, Is Dead”, New York Times:
      In his freelance design practice for nonmuseum clients, Mr. Martin applied a similar sensibility to traditionally messy industrial catalogs for products like piston rings, lathes and elevators.
  10. outwritten


  1. boli *
    • 2009 February 28, Michael S. Schmidt, “Investigators and Rodriguez to Talk Sunday”, New York Times:
      At a news conference on Feb. 17, Rodriguez said he had used a substance he called boli from 2001 to 2003 and that he had received it from his cousin, whom he declined to identify.