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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-03-21 issue of the New York Times (2009-03-21).

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  1. antiforeclosure
    • 2009 March 21, “The Fed Does Battle, Again”, New York Times:
      Mr. Obama’s antiforeclosure plan — offering banks incentives and guidelines to rework troubled loans — is reportedly off to a slow start, too.
  2. antiqueries
    • 2009 March 21, Jodi Rudoren, “A Town Reborn Faces a New Threat”, New York Times:
      But in the last six months, many of the gewgaw parlors and antiqueries have seen their balance sheets follow the broader economy down, down, down.
  3. chimi
  4. exclusionist
  5. fringier
    • 2009 March 21, Ginia Bellafante, “Show About the Universe Raises Questions on Earth”, New York Times:
      In another, if fringier, analysis, the show’s focus on the struggles of a contained brigade of human survivors in a post-apocalyptic galaxy is a loose parable for the events in the Book of Mormon: Gaius Baltar (James Callis), the venal scientist turned collaborator turned false prophet turned savior equated not with Jesus or a hundred televangelists but with Joseph Smith.
  6. kleptocratic
  7. knickknack *
    • 2009 March 21, Jodi Rudoren, “A Town Reborn Faces a New Threat”, New York Times:
      As in so many other abandoned small towns and former industrial capitals, art galleries and knickknack emporiums over the last decade reinvented the charming exposed-brick storefronts along Main Street, supported both by locals and by tourists visiting Dia:Beacon, a progressive museum that opened in the former Nabisco factory in 2003.
  8. midset
  9. overanesthetized
  10. supersenior
    • 2009 March 21, Peter Edmonston, “Goldman Insists It Would Have Lost Little if A.I.G. Had Failed”, New York Times:
      But in 2007, Goldman began to mark down the value of the supersenior collateralized debt obligations that were underlying credit-default swap agreements with A.I.G. He said Goldman and A.I.G. could not agree on how much additional collateral A.I.G. had to supply to reflect the risk.
  11. unfried
    • 2009 March 21, “Fresh Food for Urban Deserts”, New York Times:
      There are communities across America where it’s almost impossible to find a fresh apple or an unfried potato.
  12. uninvade
  13. worklike
    • 2009 March 21, Claudia La Rocco, “A Tidal Current, Deep and Sometimes Violent”, New York Times:
      The choreographic structure mirrors the music, creating a communal, worklike feel (as do the handsome costumes, both girly and practical, designed by the performer Deborah Black).


  1. likey