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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-08-27 issue of the New York Times (2009-08-27).

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  1. andando *
    • 2009 August 27, Larry Rohter, “Keeping Radio’s Salsa Hot for 50 Years”, New York Times:
      For longer than most of them can remember, Polito Vega’s booming, ebullient baritone, amusing stories and colorful catchphrases —“andando, andando, andando” — have been a constant and reassuring presence, as much a part of the soundtrack of urban life here as the blare of a taxi’s horn or the roar of the crowd at Yankee Stadium.
  2. baiaa
    • 2009 August 27, Steven Erlanger, “Islamic Radicalism Slows Moroccan Reforms”, New York Times:
      The king held a traditional ceremony of mutual allegiance, or baiaa, this year in Tetouan and highlighted significant development funds there.
  3. cyberthreats
  4. doum
    • 2009 August 27, Ruth La Ferla, “Spicy Dip, Served Alfresco”, New York Times:
      CHICK-CHICK doum, (quick-quick slow), the rhythm that pulsates through any number of musical styles from hip-hop to club pop, animates zouk, a dance that originated in the French West Indies and recently found its way to Central Park.
  5. flueless
    • 2009 August 27, Tim Mckeough, “Creating an Oasis of Calm”, New York Times:
      His choices included the small, burbling Alto fountain at Arcadia in Chelsea and the EcoSmart Fire Aspect, a flueless fireplace, at .
  6. microprojectors
  7. miniprojector
    • 2009 August 27, Bob Tedeschi, “A Pocket Projector to Make Any Surface a Silver Screen”, New York Times:
      In terms of technology, the miniprojector market breaks down into two camps. 3M uses LCOS, which is short for liquid crystal on silicon, while WowWee and Optoma use DLP (digital light processing) Pico chips, their surfaces arrayed with tiny mirrors about one-tenth of the thickness of a human hair.
  8. papermills
    • 2009 August 27, “Recycled, Indeed”, New York Times:
      Thanks for introducing your readers to products like these that offer new lives for antiquated papermills and waste-paper materials, and that give environmentalists an opportunity to live green with high-performance products.
  9. pico *
  10. postbankruptcy
  11. preshot
    • 2009 August 27, Paul Sullivan, “Teaching Golf Pros What They Already Know”, New York Times:
      This means working on fundamentals, employing a preshot routine — even on the range — and practicing as if you are playing.
  12. resave
    • 2009 August 27, J.D. Biersdorfer, “Missing Photos on the BlackBerry”, New York Times:
      Before you resize and resave a bunch of files at once, try this procedure on just one contact photo first to see if it fixes the problem.
  13. resaving
    • 2009 August 27, J.D. Biersdorfer, “Missing Photos on the BlackBerry”, New York Times:
      If this seems to be the case, try resaving the problem photos as JPEG files at a resolution of 96 dots per inch, with a screen size of 90 pixels by 90 pixels.
  14. schrebergarten
    • 2009 August 27, Michael Kimmelman, “German Viewers Love Their Detectives”, New York Times:
      Crimes happen in distinctly German locales like the little city garden plots called schrebergarten, where nature-loving Germans grow their own tomatoes and show off their odd taste for plastic gnomes.
  15. slushie
    • 2009 August 27, Michelle Slatalla, “My Time Traveler’s Journey”, New York Times:
      The antidote to nostalgia, after all, is relief, the realization that you wouldn’t trade the here and now for the past, especially when you can look up and see your nearly grown children coming across the sand from the snack bar, bringing you a lemon-lime slushie.
  16. stitchers
    • 2009 August 27, Ken Belson, “Adjusting Caps to Fit the Times”, New York Times:
      DERBY, N.Y. — The hundreds of embroiderers and stitchers hunched over clattering sewing machines at the New Era Cap factory could be forgiven for thinking these are good times.
  17. velina *
    • 2009 August 27, Chiara Volpato, “Italian Women Rise Up”, New York Times:
      The impact of years of brainwashing is plain to see: recent research demonstrated that the most popular ambition among female teenagers is to become a velina (basically a showgirl).