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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 1988-11-25 issue of the Chicago Reader (2009-01-20).

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35641 tokens ‧ 27739 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 5588 types ‧ 36 (~ 0.644%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. problack
    • 1988, David Moberg, One Year Without Washington:
      "My principle is problack.
  2. supercarts
    • 1988, David Moberg, One Year Without Washington:
      But he tackled what had been the symbol of flabby Chicago government, cutting the garbage truck crews from four persons to three, while introducing supercarts to speed and ease the work.