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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-15 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-01-19).

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  1. aaahs
  2. astrologically
    • 2009 January 15, John Terauds, “Reaching for the stars with out-of-this-world program”, Toronto Star:
      One of Mackay's goals was to have the approximately 75 minutes of music played by heart, so that the musicians are free to move around the astrologically themed stage floor and into the audience.
  3. boxscore
    • 2009 January 15, Dave Feschuk, “Raps smell the Bulls' Rose”, Toronto Star:
      It was so dismal in the trenches that the Raptors' ineptitude could have inspired the invention of a whole new line in the boxscore.
  4. capper
    • 2009 January 15, Raju Mudhar, “Farewell to eight years of comedy gold”, Toronto Star:
      But the perfect capper to Bush's presidency, Forgie says, was last month's incident in Iraq in which an irate journalist hurled his shoes at the president's head.
  5. conservatorial
    • 2009 January 15, David Livingstone, “The queen of sweaters is hot in Paris”, Toronto Star:
      In one vitrine, advertising images are propped against walls or placed flat on the floor, which makes for a puzzling perspective; in another, row after row of sweaters, difficult to tell apart, because there are no labels for explanation, just these laminated sheets in boxes on the walls, awkward in scale and impossible to read in the low light that is required for conservatorial purposes when costumes are on display.
  6. containments
    • 2009 January 15, Rita Trichur, “Canwest loan obligations at risk”, Toronto Star:
      President and CEO Leonard Asper said the company remains committed to "cost containments," including the sale of non-core assets.
  7. glamourously
    • 2009 January 15, Phil Booth, “Horoscopes for Thursday, January 15”, Toronto Star:
      While there are some who want you for your hard work and your kind heart, there are also those who want you purely for your glamourously elusive je ne sais quoi .
  8. handwringing
    • 2009 January 15, “UN vote provokes passion on both sides of the fence”, Toronto Star:
      Canada's decision to stand against an attempt by Cuba, China, Egypt and other egregious human rights violators to condemn Israel at a UN Human Rights Council meeting should be a matter of national pride, not national handwringing.
  9. imbursed
    • 2009 January 15, “Human rights for everyone”, Toronto Star:
      Not just when the markets are hot, not only when we have paid all our debts, not just when budget surpluses abound, not only after the shareholders and CEOs have been lavishly imbursed.
  10. interprovincial
    • 2009 January 15, “Premiers and the PM”, Toronto Star:
      On another issue – interprovincial trade and labour mobility – Alberta and British Columbia want to extend their own bilateral deal across the country.
  11. jacknifed
    • 2009 January 15, Nick Aveling, “Cold snap wreaking frosty havoc”, Toronto Star:
      During the afternoon rush hour, Ontario Provincial Police responded to numerous collisions on highways 400 and 404 north of the city, including one crash that nearly shut down the 400 when a tractor-trailer jacknifed at Major Mackenzie Dr. By evening, most of the crashes were occuring on Highway 401, with at least one rollover on the ramp to the northbound 410.
  12. laneway
  13. ooohs
  14. recs
    • 2009 January 15, Peggy Staruch, “Let me tell you about this great place ...”, Toronto Star:
      Cities like New York and L. A. have embraced it, with hundreds of recs being entered daily, but Toronto's community is still a bit sluggish.
  15. seatless
    • 2009 January 15, Rob Ferguson, “No date yet for by-election”, Toronto Star:
      In other jurisdictions, governing parties have tended to give seatless leaders a free pass.
  16. sizzurp
    • 2009 January 15, Ashante Infantry, “The Wayne attraction”, Toronto Star:
      VICES: Wayne, who's racked up arrests on marijuana and gun possession, says his beverage of choice is "sizzurp" – a cocktail of promethazine-codeine cough syrup and soda or fruit juice, which contributes to his high-all-the-time drawl.
  17. stratas
    • 2009 January 15, Susan Pigg, “Even 'smart TV' harms baby brains, doctor says”, Toronto Star:
      But at the same time, this is the age of hyper-parenting, at least among relatively affluent social stratas, where you'd be hard-pressed to make the point that kids are babysat by television...
  18. tafelspitz
    • 2009 January 15, Michael Lander, “In aristocratic Lech, hospitality rules”, Toronto Star:
      Book a table at the Hus Nr. 8 (House No. 8), an ancient farmhouse (run by another wing of the Walch family) that offers delectable versions of Austrian staples like Wiener schnitzel and tafelspitz.
  19. unmockable
    • 2009 January 15, Raju Mudhar, “Farewell to eight years of comedy gold”, Toronto Star:
      For stand-up, sketch and late-night talk shows, Bush has been comedy gold, so it's no surprise that comedians are jumping at their last chance to ridicule him before the so-far unmockable Barack Obama moves into the White House next week.
  20. usuals
    • 2009 January 15, Mary Ormsby, “Australian Open”, Toronto Star:
      Beyond the usuals to watch for like Andy Roddick and Andy Murray , expect toughness from Frenchmen Jo-Wilfried Tsonga , who finished as runner-up to Djokovic last year, and Gilles Simon who won three events in 2008.