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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-02-15 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-02-15).

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  1. firesuit
    • 2009 February 15, Mark Long, “Collision leaves stars in back of pack”, Toronto Star:
      Defending Daytona 500 champion Ryan Newman had remnants of his right-rear tire scattered all over his firesuit.
  2. foremothers
    • 2009 February 15, “At 100, a storied force for change tries to find its footing”, Toronto Star:
      They understand, by virtue of their situation and that of their peers, that the movement for civil rights in this country is very much needed, and groups that played critical roles in removing the shackles that bound our forefathers and foremothers still play a role today."
  3. hambone
    • 2009 February 15, Rob Salem, “When comedy geniuses unite”, Toronto Star:
      Ferrell is the ubiquitous hambone, an affably oblivious man-child prone to shirtless prancing onscreen.
  4. hormonally
  5. lipsync *
    • 2009 February 15, “My name is URL”, Toronto Star:
      In the AutoTune/lipsync era, Spinal Tap are more of a real band than many stars.
  6. mctwist
  7. millenarianism
    • 2009 February 15, Cathal Kelly, “How-to guide for the apocalypse”, Toronto Star:
      Three years ago, Paul heard about Peak Oil. This is the millenarianism of our recessionary time, a doomsday scenario with a wrinkle – scientific backing.
  8. scrubeenie
    • 2009 February 15, Rosie DiManno, “Antropov answers Burke's call”, Toronto Star:
      While Jason Blake continued his goal-popping ways with a brace in the third, only 19 seconds apart, a clutch of other Leafs proved mettle: Vesa Toskala, so shaky to start, settled down and denied Pittsburgh anything after the 8:34 point of the game; scrubeenie defenceman Luke Schenn recovered from an unfortunate bounce off his skate that Matt Cooke converted into Pittsburgh's first goal; and Matt Stajan re-established favour with his bench boss, mounting a solid performance topped off by a goal and an assist.
  9. tiremaker
    • 2009 February 15, Mark Long, “Collision leaves stars in back of pack”, Toronto Star:
      "Same stuff that we always talk about every year, failures Goodyear has," said Stewart, who frequently takes the tiremaker to task. "
  10. unrepentantly
    • '2009 February 15, Rob Salem, “When comedy geniuses unite”, Toronto Star:
      McBride is beyond hilarious – even more pathetic and unsympathetic than Foot Fists blustery martial "artist" Fred Simmons – as mullet-head Kenny Powers, a self-involved and unrepentantly incorrect baseball big-leaguer whose fortunes and fastball are on the decline.