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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-03-06 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-03-06).

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  1. autobody
    • 2009 March 5, John Goddard, “Tenants' private data available on Internet”, Toronto Star:
      "Your whole life is there," said Mississauga autobody worker Mark Warker, on hearing that his social insurance number pops up in a file regarding a complaint to his landlord two years ago about mice.
  2. basketcase
    • 2009 March 5, Rachel Shukert, “Help! The economy stole my spouse”, Toronto Star:
      The financial crisis turned my husband into a modern-day migrant labourer – and me into a needy, horny, stay-at-home basketcase.
  3. dudline
    • 2009 March 5, mark zwolinski, “Flames burn brighter by adding pair”, Toronto Star:
      Based on the number of impact moves, it was more a trade "dudline" than a deadline yesterday, but when the dust settled from the NHL's annual player swap, several Canadian teams came out as both winners and shakers.
  4. empathetically
    • 2009 March 5, James Travers, “PM learns mission's hard lessons”, Toronto Star:
      Conservatives extended the mission to demonstrate Canadian commitment to continental security – a precondition for an open border, and to empathetically support the Bush administration export of American values by force.
  5. exceptionalities
    • 2009 March 5, Andrea Gordon, “Learning problems not always easy to identify”, Toronto Star:
      Almost 30 years ago, Bill 82 was passed, giving Ontario students with "exceptionalities" – those who learn differently from the majority, whether they have learning disabilities or are gifted – the right to receive special education programs and services in the public school system.
  6. gunbattle
    • 2009 March 5, Rizwan Ali, “Pakistan security for cricketers condemned”, Toronto Star:
      None of the gunmen was killed, and all apparently escaped into this teeming city after a gunbattle with the convoy's security detail.
  7. homecooked
    • 2009 March 5, Dana Flavelle, “Loblaw pushes full-time jobs”, Toronto Star:
      He also said supermarkets are seeing customers "trade up" to better foods as they substitute restaurant meals with more homecooked meals.
  8. hypertechnological
  9. relationally
    • 2009 March 5, Stuart Laidlaw, “Wives in bad marriages face heart risks”, Toronto Star:
      "Women are more relationally oriented," says Henry, a student at the University of Utah who based the study on her doctoral dissertation.
  10. skintone
    • 2009 March 5, Bernadette Morra, “Dancers en pointe with makeup”, Toronto Star:
      Cheeks and lips should be pink, modified to each ballerina's skintone, and neutral Cork and Espresso shadows are suggested for the eyes.
  11. sombrely
    • 2009 March 5, Robert Benzie, “CBC comedian's timing all off”, Toronto Star:
      Hall, who gained access to the media scrum with accreditation from the Queen's Park Press Gallery, ambushed the premier yesterday while he was sombrely discussing the devastating job cuts at Stelco in Hamilton and Nanticoke.


  1. flexilibility
    • 2009 March 5, Dana Flavelle, “Loblaw pushes full-time jobs”, Toronto Star:
      He noted Loblaw said it would be looking for more "flexilibility" in exchange.
  2. raff