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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-06-07 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-08-22).

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  1. boobfest
    • 2009 June 7, ROB SALEM, “A pregnant pause”, Toronto Star:
      She goes to school, the whole thing ... she's singing, she's making jokes, she's doing faces ... she's like a total boobfest."
  2. brutalist
    • 2009 June 7, “Ben Rayner's reasons to live”, Toronto Star:
      Feel the Pressure" is a punishing electro lockstep here, while "Die on the Floor" abruptly erupts into a brutalist acid-house throw down.
  3. callouses
    • 2009 June 7, Trish Crawford, “Sex workers feel the pinch”, Toronto Star:
      These days, Ray is getting little more than callouses from standing all night near Jarvis and Wellesley, as the economic slump delivers an unexpected hit to the sex trade.
  4. damndest
    • 2009 June 7, Geoff Pevere, “John Updike: Memory lies in wait”, Toronto Star:
      It hides in the damndest places, waiting to spring into consciousness and mess up any other business your brain might be up to.
  5. definingly
    • 2009 June 7, “Ben Rayner's reasons to live”, Toronto Star:
      Let the Children Die is just as naked, fraught with self-doubt ("Nobody with a Notepad"), scorn for lowest-common-denominator peers (the blazing "High School Cool") and, most definingly, the pain of suddenly finding yourself an adult orphan ("Father," the wrenching "Mr. Daydream").
  6. extramaritally
    • 2009 June 7, Geoff Pevere, “John Updike: Memory lies in wait”, Toronto Star:
      In "The Full Glass" from this collection, an abrupt lane change brings the cops down on an extramaritally involved couple.
  7. nunchuck *
    • 2009 June 7, Darren Zenko, “Keeping it under control”, Toronto Star:
      It's another Wii gimmick; between the Wiimote, nunchuck, sensor bar, vitality sensor, microphone, balance board and Ubisoft's E3-announced camera peripheral, you can get yourself quite the little holodeck.
  8. overindebtedness
    • 2009 June 7, David Olive, “It's not the best, or worst, of times”, Toronto Star:
      But the banks' accumulation of bad loans and the consumer struggle with overindebtedness will take a long time to work itself out.
  9. sooooo
    • 2009 June 7, Malene Arpe, “Off the rack: Entertainment”, Toronto Star:
      A delicious, wonderful, exciting Brangelina break-up that doesn't involve any kind of reality TV. This could be sooooo good.
  10. stageworthy
    • 2009 June 7, Richard Ouzounian, “You'll find it rewarding, but can you find the time?”, Toronto Star:
      In fact, although each one of the nine stories that make up the show is given a unique twist that makes it stageworthy, the actual plots behind each one frequently borders on the soap opera-esque.
  11. streetball