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Usona +‎ -an


Usonan (plural Usonans)

  1. (nonstandard, rare) An inhabitant of the United States
    • 1913, G. Fred Komphardt, Usonan Fundamental Law[1], page 14:
      The European peoples are helping themselves by forming co-operative societies; the Usonans do not.
    • 1920, L'Amerika Esperantisto, volumes 27–29, page 53:
      It is absolutely necessary that in the different nations we get together and demand that our own leaders lead—for example, that we Usonans demand that the United States make concessions with or before the others, in order to obtain world accord.
    • April 1, 1994, Gene P. Ledbetter, “Calling all Usonans!”, in alt.usage.english, Usenet[2], message-ID <2ni8p4$>: