Wacky Watermelon

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Alternative forms[edit]


wacky (adj.) +‎ watermelon (n.)


Wacky Watermelon (uncountable)

  1. A flavour or scent of watermelon, or something so flavoured or scented.
    • 1982, California Magazine, v 7, nn 5–8, p 83:
      Errol and Gary Winkler scoop out a 27-hue rainbow of slushy ices. The best are a snowy coconut made with coconut cream and shredded coconut, a profoundly blue blueberry, and a fine sharp lemon, but wacky watermelon, wrathful grape, and cheerful cherry—in Day-Glo colors—are not to be missed.
    • 1987 [1988], Marian Thurm, Walking Distance, Penguin, p 188:
      “Want to smell my scratch-and-sniff stuff?”  [] “Chocolate moose. Now try this one.” She hands Sophie a picture of a cross-eyed watermelon wearing white gloves and sticking out a large red tongue. “Wacky watermelon,” she says. “Do you smell it?”
    • 1996, Meg Brogan et al., No Problem, Woodstock Ill.: Dramatic Publishing, p 40:
      I am addicted to chewing gum.  [] With all the people starving in the world, her biggest worry is whether to chew Wacky Watermelon or Goofy Grape!
    • 2006, Tara Moss, Split, Dorchester, p 79:
      Wacky watermelon-flavored Hubba Bubba. ¶ Nice choice. ¶ The scent of artificial fruit wafted up from the pink goo as she peeled it away, and she was just attempting to flick it off her finger when someone spoke to her.
    • 2008, Melody Petersen, Our Daily Meds, New York: Picador, p 90:
      The drug companies promoted some of these over-the-counter medicines as sugary confections. In 2006 Johnson & Johnson, for example, sold Tylenol in chewy melt-aways flavored in Grape Punch, Wacky Watermelon, or Bubblegum Burst.
    • 2011, Britt Brandon, Everything Green Smoothies Book, Avon, Mass.: Adams Media, p 63:
      [recipe title] Wacky Watermelon


Wacky Watermelon (not comparable)

  1. Flavoured or scented like watermelon.
    • 1990, Sassy, Fairfax Publications, p 138:
      Mike cranks up his hillbilly music mix tape, and we chow down on fluorescent orange peanut butter ’n’ cheese crackers and Wacky Watermelon pop.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Used in product names to suggest zany fun.