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All are named after George Washington. This must be the most popular county name in the United States of America.

Proper noun[edit]

Washington County

  1. One of 67 counties in Alabama, with its county seat in Chatom.
  2. One of 75 counties in Arkansas, county seat Fayetteville.
  3. One of 64 counties in Colorado, county seat Akron.
  4. One of 67 counties in Florida, county seat Chipley.
  5. One of 159 counties in Georgia, county seat Sandersville.
  6. One of 44 counties in Idaho, county seat Weiser.
  7. One of 102 counties in Illinois, county seat Nashville.
  8. One of 92 counties in Indiana, county seat Salem.
  9. One of 99 counties in Iowa, county seat Washington.
  10. One of 105 counties in Kansas, county seat Washington.
  11. One of 120 counties in Kentucky, county seat Springfield.
  12. One of 16 counties in Maine, county seat Machias.
  13. One of 23 counties in Maryland, county seat Hagerstown.
  14. One of 87 counties in Minnesota, county seat Stillwater.
  15. One of 82 counties in Mississippi, county seat Greenville.
  16. One of 114 counties in Missouri, county seat Potosi.
  17. One of 93 counties in Nebraska, county seat Blair.
  18. One of 62 counties in New York, county seat Fort Edward.
  19. One of 100 counties in North Carolina, county seat Plymouth.
  20. One of 88 counties in Ohio, county seat Marietta.
  21. One of 77 counties in Oklahoma, county seat Bartlesville.
  22. One of 36 counties in Oregon, county seat Hillsboro.
  23. One of 67 counties in Pennsylvania, county seat Washington.
  24. One of 5 counties in Rhode Island, largest town South Kingstown.
  25. One of 95 counties in Tennessee, county seat Jonesborough.
  26. One of 254 counties in Texas, county seat Brenham.
  27. One of 29 counties in Utah, county seat St. George.
  28. One of 14 counties in Vermont, county seat Montpelier.
  29. One of 95 counties in Virginia, county seat Abingdon.
  30. One of 72 counties in Wisconsin, county seat West Bend.

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