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Accessories-text-editor.svg This is a Wiktionary policy, guideline or common practices page. Specifically it is a policy think tank, working to develop a formal policy.

Mauritian Creole (ISO code mfe) is a French-based creole spoken chiefly in Mauritius and nearby islands in the Indian Ocean. This page documents common practices and standards used across Wiktionary in entries for this language.

Entry structure and templates[edit]

Entries should follow WT:ELE in general structure, using {{head|mfe|partofspeech}} for every part of speech except verbs, discussed below. Etymologies will generally be from French and should be formatted thus (from diksioner):

From {{etyl|fr|mfe}} {{term|dictionnaire|lang=fr}}.

Entries which begin in a z- but are derived from a French word that does not start in /z/ are advised to use {{mfeetylz}}.


Verbs are easily the most complex type of word in Mauritian Creole, and require their own headword line template, {{mfe-verb}}. It requires one unnamed parameter.

The medial forms are classified as verb forms and use {{mfe-medial of}}. Their format follows thus (from koz):

==Mauritian Creole==
{{head|mfe|verb form}}
# {{mfe-medial of|koze}}

Note that although there is a hyphenated reduplicative form (e.g. koz-koze), this is considering to be the "sum of its parts", namely the medial form followed by the lemma form, and thus not inclusible unless it has an idiomatic meaning independent of an intensifying or frequentative meaning.


A standard orthography similar to that used in the latest Diksioner Morisien is used. This orthography includes the following attributes for lemma entries:

  • <ou> instead of <u>
  • <i> instead of <y> (diksioner morisien not diksyoner morisyen)
  • No diacritical marks whatsoever
  • No Frenchified spellings (mwa not moi)
  • The definite article expressed as a hyphenated suffix, not part of the word (kisann-la not kisanla)

Spellings that do not follow this standard may be included if they are citeable. The format of an alternative spelling should look like this (from diksyoner):

==Mauritian Creole==
# {{alternative spelling of|diksioner|lang=mfe}}


As a language with limited documentation, only one use or mention is necessary to cite a term. If the validity of a term is doubted, WT:RFV can be used.

Terms should display the {{LDL|mfe}} template if they use less than three uses to verify an entry, which produces the following output:

This entry has fewer than three known examples of actual usage, the minimum considered necessary for clear attestation, and may not be reliable. Mauritian Creole is subject to a special exemption for languages with limited documentation. If you speak it, please consider editing this entry or adding citations. See also Help and the Community Portal.