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The Scots language is an Anglic language, traditionally spoken in what is today Scotland and Northern Ireland. It has various relations with English, notably being a source of some words in English (often of Scandinavian or Gaelic origin), and providing cognate terms from Old English, aiding reconstruction of Old English terms. It shares close affinity with dialects of Northern England. Different sources consider Scots a dialect of English or a separate language. Either way, many terms in the two are identical in spelling if not standard pronunciation. There is significant overlap with Scottish English.

Dialect labels[edit]

The following labels may be used with {{label}} (short form {{lb}}) to tag terms as belonging to a specific dialect of Scots:

  • {{lb|sco|Border Scots}}
  • {{lb|sco|Doric Scots}}
  • {{lb|sco|Lowlands Scots}}
  • {{lb|sco|South Scots}}
  • {{lb|sco|Ulster Scots}}

Other labels may be used as well, but they will neither put the term into a category for the dialect nor provide a link to a Wikipedia article on the dialect.

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