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Administrators are recognized for patrolling, for marking edits as checked for propriety, based on the number of patrols over a period of about a month. The numbers are tallied and updated weekly by bot. These counts only make sense for administrators since only they have the ability to patrol edits through the software. However, other users are in no way discouraged from looking at recent changes, making corrections, or undoing vandalism where it is found.

Of course, admins have a number of other voluntary tasks besides patrolling. Also note that the rewards are based strictly on quantity, not on quality of correction or degree of enforcement, so should not be regarded as an absolute measure of participation in this endeavor. The purpose is simply to give recognition, thereby encouraging more admins to patrol edits and keeping others from burning out.


The template {{patrol box}} is included on the user pages of admins to display their best five patrol rewards. Reward levels are bronze (or red), silver (or blue), and gold (or yellow) for 250, 500, and 1000 patrols, respectively.

To join, once you have been granted adminship, add

{{patrol box}}

to your /Userboxes or other subpage, which may be protected, or directly on the user page if you do not mind the high volume of edits. The bot operator will be automatically alerted to the addition within the week. Alternatively, you may add

{{patrol box|user=...}}

to this page. Customization is possible with img= and other parameters.


There may be other participants not listed below.