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Replacement filing cabinet.svg This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
No discussion is needed to revive this page; simply remove the {{inactive}} tag and bring it up to date.

OK. This page will be used to coordinate Japanese dictionaries in many languages.

Available articles describing Japanese language:

The thing is, the only Wikipedia with significant amount of information about Japanese language is Polish Wikipedia, and for some reasons I could never understand Polish is not the most popular second language ;-)

If you want to change that, try Polish language first.

I believe that both grammar and vocabulary information belongs to Wikipedia, not any other projects (like Wiktionary), but this decision must be made by Wikipedians of each language. In particular it might be hard to work on Japanese language on ISO-8859-1 Wikipedias, like English. Good dictionary is not just list of words, it has to contain lot of explanations to be really useful.

I think I'll translate some of the stuff from Polish Wikipedia to English first. Later, it should become many-to-many coordination, not Polish-to-everything-else.