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The Japanese language is not an Indoeuropean language, and it differs a lot from them; therefore, trying to use linguistic terms that weren't originally meant for it can cause a lot of misunderstanding.

For many concepts there exist lots of English (and Polish) names, and even worse - some may apply to more than one concept.


  • Pronunciation: どうし (dousi)
  • English name: verb
  • Polish name: czasownik


  • Pronunciation: めいし (meisi)
  • English name: noun
  • Polish name: rzeczownik


  • Pronunciation: けいようし (keiyousi)
  • English names in use: adjective, true adjective, i-adjective
  • Polish name preferred on Wikipedia: przymiotnik (closest English match: adjective), i przymiotnik


  • Pronunciation: いちだんどうし (itidandousi)
  • English names in use: vowel-stem verb, type II verb, semiregular verb, ichidan verb
  • Polish name preferred on Wikipedia: czasownik o temacie samogłoskowym (closest English match: vowel-stem verb )


  • Pronunciation: ごだんどうし (godandousi)
  • English names in use: consonant-stem verb, type I verb, regular verb, godan verb
  • Polish name preferred on Wikipedia: czasownik o temacie spółgłoskowym (closest English match: consonant-stem verb)


  • Pronunciation: けいようどうし (keiyoudousi)
  • English names in use: qualificative noun, adjectival noun, quasi-adjective, na-adjective
  • Polish name preferred on Wikipedia: rzeczownik określający (closest English match: qualificative noun), na przymiotnik


  • Pronunciation: れんたいし (rentaisi)
  • English name: pre-noun adjectival
  • Polish name: przydawka


  • Pronunciation; しゅぶ (syupu)
  • English name: subject
  • Polish name: podmiot

  • Pronunciation: ぶん (bun)
  • English name: sentence
  • Polish name: zdanie


  • Pronunciation: じせい (jisei)
  • English name: tense
  • Polish name: czas


  • Pronunciation: じょし (josi)
  • English names in use: particle, postposition
  • Polish name: partykuła


  • Pronunciation: ぼいん (boin)
  • English name: vowel
  • Polish name: samogłoska


  • Pronunciation: しいん (siin)
  • English name: consonant
  • Polish name: spółgłoska