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Replacement filing cabinet.svg This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
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  • In fact, the project aims at including every existing language and every language that ever existed on the Earth, in its implementation. But until some serious and consistent contributors for a language are not registered with the project as regular Group members, the language cannot be covered completely by the project. It is highly recommended that such serious and consistent contributors from every language should enthusiastically come up and join the project as group members.

List of Languages Covered[edit]

Language Name No. of Registered Group Members
Bulgarian 0
Chinese 0
Dutch 0
English 1
Estonian 0
Finnish 0
French 0
Galician 0
German 0
Greek 0
Hindi 1
Hungarian 0
Icelandic 0
Indonesian 0
Italian 0
Japanese 0
Korean 0
Kurdish 0
Lithuanian 0
Marathi 1
Persian 0
Polish 0
Portuguese 0
Romanian 0
Russian 0
Serbian 0
Spanish 0
Swedish 0
Telugu 0
Turkish 0
Vietnamese 0